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On the 16th, a press conference for the Real Man Fighting Competition was held at the Nonhyeon 2 Cultural Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

On the 16th, Real Manly Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Hong-ki) held a press conference for the ‘Manly Man Fighting Competition’ at the Nonhyeon 2 Cultural Center in Hak-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

About 30 people, including contestants, referees, and sponsors, attended the press conference held about a month before the ‘Real Man Fighting Competition’ to be held on October 13th.

The ‘Real Man Fighting Tournament’ will feature a total of 7 matches, including the main match between professional fighter Yoo Woo-sung and YouTuber Uhm Tae-woong.

Game 1 Choi Jang-woo vs. Kim Beom-seo, Game 3 Ham Jang-yeol vs. Moon Seong-gyu, Game 5 Jeon Hyun-woo vs. Park Chung-il, the real man rule of fighting with bare fists is applied.

Game 4, Yoshida vs. Daejang Oh, and Game 6, Jang Jeong-hyuk vs. Kyung-jun Ahn, will be held as open-finger glove boxing matches.

Game 2, Yawang vs. Bu Baedal, and game 7, professional fighter Yoo Woo-sung and YouTuber Eom Tae-woong, will fight each other under kickboxing rules in the main match. If Uhm Taewoong fails to lose weight, he will fight under mixed martial arts rules.

The two players, who had a fierce battle of nerves even before the press conference, ended up clashing while in a fighting pose, and Uhm Taewoong suffered an eye injury.

Taewoong Eom (left) and Woosung Yu are in a fighting pose.

CEO Kim Hong-gi said, “Boy in Luv Co., Ltd. started on YouTube through acquaintances who were involved in martial arts. This tournament was planned with a focus on the Uhm Tae-woong vs. Yoo Woo-sung match. It is undecided whether it will become a regular competition in the future.” .

In response to a question pointing out safety issues such as bare-handed fighting, he said, “Because the risk of injury is high, we plan to hire a professional medical team to proceed.”

North Korean defector fighter Jang Jeong-hyeok said, “Although the sport is different, I exercised while watching Choi Hyun-mi. When I first competed with a Japanese player, I really felt like the sky would fall if I lost a game. Of course, I still hate losing, but I challenge my limits more than winning or losing. “I like fighting,” he said.

Yoo Woo-seong said, “I actually don’t think this match is important. There are a lot of die-hard fans and people who worked out with me, so I agreed to the match so that martial arts can be popularized.” He added, “It seems like the fighting style is returning to Ssammai.” “I agreed to this match because I thought there was no adult who could scold me,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Real Men’s Fighting Competition will be held at the Textile Center in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul from 5 p.m. on October 13, and is sponsored by Wanmi Jokbal, Eirut, Orbitech, Back Time, Kairos, Wonju Ryu, and Epi Pilates.

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