Jamsil Baseball Stadium, a major league-type ‘dome stadium’… What are the replacement stadiums for Doosan and LG?

Jamsil Baseball Stadium, a major league-type ‘dome stadium’… What are the replacement stadiums for Doosan and LG?
Jamsil Baseball Stadium, a major league-type ‘dome stadium’… What are the replacement stadiums for Doosan and LG?

Redevelopment of a 30,000-seat state-of-the-art facility… Direct access from guest rooms linked to the hotel

Doosan and LG clubs worry about alternative stadiums to host games during construction

The plan for a 30,000-seat dome baseball stadium in Jamsil, Seoul is expected to take shape next year along with the restoration of the natural beauty of nearby Tancheon Stream. The exhibition and convention functions centered around COEX at Samseong Station will be expanded to the Gangnam area, including Jamsil.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced this plan on the 18th for cutting-edge sports and exhibition facilities in the area, including Jamsil Dome Stadium. This comes after Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon visited Rogers Center, home stadium of the Major League Baseball Toronto Blue Jays, on the 16th and announced the plan.

The Jamsil Dome Baseball Stadium is currently being planned to be built on the largest scale in Korea with over 30,000 seats capable of hosting international games in conjunction with the ‘Seoul Smart MICE Park’ (tentative name), which is the preferred negotiating partner for the Jamsil Stadium/MICE complex project. The dome stadium, which is not affected by rain or heat waves, is planned to be designed so that it can host large-scale performances and events during the regular league break when the All-Star Game is held or after the baseball season.

The corridor space connected to the spectator seats will be made 360-degree open, circulating between the inner and outer fields, and premium seats will be introduced in accordance with the recently diversified demand for skyboxes, field boxes, and family zones. We plan to connect the baseball stadium and the hotel to provide spaces where various experiences such as rooms and restaurants can be enjoyed. We are also considering a structure that allows viewing of baseball games from some hotel rooms.

In particular, Seoul City plans to build not only a dome stadium but also an exhibition and convention center with an exhibition area of ​​90,000 m2 and a conference area of ​​about 20,000 m2 in Jamsil. The 350,000㎡ site of the Jamsil Sports Complex, excluding the main stadium, will be reorganized to build a sports and cultural complex space equipped with sports, hotel, and convention facilities.

An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Government explained, “Comprehensive negotiations are underway with the preferred bidder to create a complex facility with both public and business feasibility, and we aim to conclude an implementation agreement at the end of 2024 after consultation with the Ministry of Strategy and Finance.” Last month, Seoul City began remodeling the main stadium with the goal of completion in December 2026, raising expectations that the development of the Jamsil MICE complex will begin in earnest.

In addition, the waterside ecology of the nearby Han River and Tancheon Stream will be improved to create a leisure and cultural space connected to Jamsil. Tancheon is improving accessibility by restoring the natural shoreline around the main stream and confluence of the Han River and building a bridge to walk to the international exchange complex.

Meanwhile, as the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced plans to build a dome stadium, the professional baseball world, including LG and Doosan, which use Jamsil Stadium as their home, were in trouble.

LG and Doosan must play at a temporary stadium during the construction period, but there is no alternative. First, LG, Doosan, and KBO plan to respond by creating a joint task force (TF).

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