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Let’s catch the pearl in the dirt… Professional baseball 2nd draft will be held privately on the 22nd

Let’s catch the pearl in the dirt… Professional baseball 2nd draft will be held privately on the 22nd
Let’s catch the pearl in the dirt… Professional baseball 2nd draft will be held privately on the 22nd
2019 professional baseball 2nd draft

[KBO 사무국 제공. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Jang Hyeon-gu = The second round of the professional baseball draft will be held privately at a hotel in Seoul on the 22nd to capture the pearls of other teams buried in the dirt.

The KBO Secretariat announced on the 21st that this event will be held privately for security reasons, considering that the list of 35 protected players exchanged between the 10 clubs was often exposed to the media during the second draft.

The second draft, which was implemented every other year from 2011 to 2019 to promote player movement and level the league upward, was abolished in 2021, and was revived after two years as the Futures (2nd team) free agent system was not popular, and is now held every other year. It opens with

Each club can nominate and bring in its own players, training players, players on military hold, and players on military hold for training, excluding the 35 protected players from the other nine clubs.

Players in their 1st to 3rd year of joining the professional ranks, free agents that year (including free agents returning from overseas), and foreign players are excluded from nomination.

Each club nominates players up to the third round in reverse order of this season’s performance, and the bottom three clubs can nominate up to two more players, bringing in up to five players.

To prevent a specific club from losing a large number of players in the second draft, the number of players that a club can nominate is limited to a maximum of four.

The transfer amount that the club that nominated a player must give to the player’s former club is 400 million won in the first round, 300 million won in the second round, and 200 million won in the third round.

The transfer fee for players ranked in the fourth round or lower that the bottom three clubs can nominate is set at 100 million won.

The transfer amount increased by 100 million won compared to 2019, when the last second draft was implemented.

Each club cannot transfer players acquired in the second draft to another club for one year. Additionally, he is excluded from FA compensation players.

Mandatory registration for players selected in the second round of the draft was established along with the revival of the system.

In 2024, each club must register the player in the first team entry list for a certain period of time to ensure as many playing opportunities as possible for players who have changed teams.

Players drafted in the first round must register for at least 50 days, players drafted in the second round must register for at least 30 days, and players drafted in the third round or lower are excluded from mandatory registration.

If the mandatory registration requirements are not met within two years of nomination, the player may return to his home club, and if his home club does not wish to return, he will be announced as a free agent.

If the player returns to his original club, the original club will return 50% of the transfer fee already received to the second draft selection club.

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