KBL requests CCTV footage from Sonoe hallway for ‘off-court profanity scandal’

KBL requests CCTV footage from Sonoe hallway for ‘off-court profanity scandal’
KBL requests CCTV footage from Sonoe hallway for ‘off-court profanity scandal’

Following DB, the Sono club also sent an official letter to KBL

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[서울=뉴시스]Reporter Park Ji-hyuk = While controversy erupted when coach Kim Seung-gi (51) of the Goyang Sono professional basketball team swore at the opposing team’s Wonju DB coaching staff and secretariat staff after the end of the game, KBL asked the Sono team to upload a CCTV video from the gym hallway. requested.

According to KBL, which hosts men’s professional basketball, on the 21st, the KBL secretariat requested CCTV footage from the Goyang Sono Arena hallway on the 19th, when the Sono-DB game was held, to the Sono team.

A KBL official said, “We are waiting for Sono to submit the video. The top priority is to fully listen to and confirm the positions of both sides. The purpose is to thoroughly review the entire series of processes without any shortcomings,” and added, “If necessary, we will hold a financial committee and take disciplinary action.” “It is,” he explained.

After losing against DB on the 19th, Sono coach Kim Seung-gi swore and verbally abused DB coach Kim Joo-seong (44), the coaching staff, and DB secretary Lee Heung-seop (51) in the gymnasium hallway leading to the locker room.

An argument ensued with Kwon Soon-cheol (55), the head of DB, who stopped him. It is said that there was also physical friction.

Regarding this, Sono Secretary General Hwang Myeong-ho explained, “The coach said, ‘I saw the opposing team’s leader go to the headquarters, and afterwards I felt that the referee’s whistle was changed (unfavorably)'” and “I am sorry.”

At the time, it was reported that Director Kwon went to the headquarters and expressed his dissatisfaction with the decision to the game supervisor, saying, “I will file a complaint whether I win or lose this game.”

The DB club summarized these details and reported them to KBL on the morning of the 20th. The Sono team also sent an official letter to KBL on the same day, pointing out problems with Director Kwon who protested at headquarters.

Accordingly, it is expected that coach Seung-gi Kim and general manager Kwon will be referred to the finance committee.

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