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LoL Summoner’s Rift, entire line gank route will be reorganized starting next year

LoL Summoner’s Rift, entire line gank route will be reorganized starting next year
LoL Summoner’s Rift, entire line gank route will be reorganized starting next year

LoL Summoner’s Rift, entire line gank route will be reorganized starting next year
2023.11.21 01:00 Game Mecca Reporter Kim In-ho

▲ League of Legends (Photo provided by Riot Games)

Every year, Riot Games makes various changes to League of Legends (LoL). This year, many changes were made to the jungle environment, including the deletion of jungle items and the addition of companions. In fact, many users say that LoL maintains its current popularity because such attempts were made.

So what changes will there be next year? The Riot Games development team introduced the updates that will be applied in next year’s preseason through an offline briefing held on the 14th. The main changes are changing the Summoner’s Rift terrain, removing mythic items, and adding new monsters.

First, the Summoner’s Canyon terrain has been reorganized to be more symmetrical. The purpose is to change the ganking route for the top attack lane (top), middle attack lane (mid), and bottom attack lane (bottom). At the top, the wall next to the red team’s turret changes to be the same as that of the blue team, and at the bottom, the wall next to the red team’s turret opens to be the same as that of the blue team. In the case of mid-range, the location of the bush leading to the river is pushed back, and the road next to the bush is moved to the side of the turret. In other words, the total number of ganking routes for top and mid is reduced compared to before, and for bottom, it is increased.

Commenting on this change, Riot Games lead gameplay designer Matthew Leung-Harrsion said, “We thought the jungler’s influence on the top and the gank probability in the mid were too high, so we shortened the route. However, the bot. “We added the route because it has the most wards,” he said.

▲ Top line (Photo provided by Riot Games)

▲ Mid Line (Photo provided by Riot Games)

▲ Bottom line (Photo provided by Riot Games)

▲ Designer Matthew said he wanted to reduce the jungler’s influence on the top (Photo: Game Mecca)

In addition, a new path is added to the path from top and bottom to mid. These are all roads next to the Blue Sentinel (Blue). Regarding the reason for the change in terrain, designer Matthew said, “We wanted to make it easier for users to move from side to mid.” He added, “Now that it is more difficult to escape when defeating objects such as Barons or dragons, greater determination will be needed than before.” He explained.

There are also changes to jungle monsters centered around the ‘empty’ theme. First, the existing messenger of the first canyon will be replaced by a new monster, ‘Void Larva’. Void larvae are three monsters that appear in the Baron’s Nest 5 minutes after the game starts and create void mites. Next, the Herald of the Canyon will be changed to be able to ride and move like Sion’s ultimate, and from 20 minutes into the game, Rock Crab, Blue, and Red will change into a distorted form suitable for the void, and at the same time, stamina and rewards will increase.

Designer Matthew said, “Previously, the only objects that could make meaningful changes to the game were Baron Nashor and the dragon,” adding, “We want to add smaller objects to make it more meaningful to kill these things even in the late game.” “He said.

▲ New monster Void Larva (Photo provided by Riot Games)

▲ Changes are also occurring in existing jungle monsters (Photo provided by Riot Games)

Changes also apply to the Baron Nest. In addition to the existing nest, a small wall is created in the center and paths are opened on both sides. The nest can change randomly starting 20 minutes after the game starts, and the Baron’s attack method also changes depending on each type.

As announced last August, many changes will be made to the item system. The main point is ‘removal of mythic items’. Previous mythic items will be downgraded overall, and wizard items will be improved to make their purpose more clear. Regarding this, designer Matthew said, “50% of the existing champions did not have mythic items that could be selected satisfactorily. “To improve this, we need to add 50 to as many as 100 more, and we decided that this would make the game too complicated,” he explained. In addition, some items that reduce the importance of champion skills due to excessive item performance have been downgraded, and new items suitable for role groups have been added.

Lastly, supporter items are also being revamped. The new supporter item provides gold when damaging enemies or executing minions, and similar to Mount Targon, there is a limit to the number of times. Next, existing supporter items are changed to a completely new system rather than simply adjusting abilities. Designer Matthew said, “Previously, there was no feeling of any change even when the supporter items reached the final stage, but now you will be able to feel a little more change.”

▲ The 2024 season, where even the item system will be changed (Photo provided by Riot Games)

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