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High1 Resort to hold ‘PBA-LPBA Championship 2023’ starting on the 22nd


High1 Winners founding ceremony./Photo courtesy of Seoul Jung-gu

High1 Resort to hold ‘PBA-LPBA Championship 2023’ starting on the 22nd

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[한국금융신문 주현태 기자] The ‘High1 Resort PBA-LPBA Championship 2023’, with High1 Resort as the title sponsor and hosted by the Professional Billiards Association (PBA), will be held at the High1 Resort Grand Hotel Convention Tower in Jeongseon, Gangwon-do starting on the 22nd.

High1 Resort is a complex resort brand with facilities such as hotels, condos, ski resorts, golf courses, and water worlds, and is operated by Kangwon Land, a public leisure corporation.

High1 Resort held the competition for the first time as the 5th tour of the 2022-23 season from December 9 to 16 last year, and in 11 months, the competition was held for the second consecutive year with a total prize money of 300 million won, men’s winner’s prize of 100 million won, and women’s winner’s prize of 20 million won. Serves as title sponsor.

This tournament is the 7th in the 2023-24 season, and 128 PBA players and 150 LPBA players will participate. LPBA matches will begin on the 22nd and the finals will be held on the 29th, while PBA matches will begin on the 24th with the opening ceremony and the finals will be held on the 30th.

In particular, this year, High 1 Resort recruited 7 players in June, including Lee Chung-bok, Lim Seong-gyun, Nguyen Duc An Chien (Vietnam), Nguyen Phuong Linh (Vietnam), Loopy Chenet (Turkiye), Lee Mi-rae, and Yong Hyeon-ji, to become the ‘High 1 Winners’. They founded a professional billiards team and are participating in tours and team leagues, and all seven players will participate in this tournament as well to compete for the championship.

Lee Sam-geol, CEO of Kangwon Land, said, “With the sponsorship of the professional billiards tournament and ‘High 1 Winners,’ the corporate brand is exposed through advertisement boards and player uniform emblems in the stadium, showing excellent sports marketing effects.” He added, “This tournament is held at High 1 Resort. “As long as it is held, the executives and staff will work together to support our players so that they can achieve good results,” he said.

Meanwhile, prior to the full-scale competition, on the 18th, all members of the ‘High1 Winners’ team held a fan meeting, including an exhibition game, a hanging ball game, autograph session, and commemorative photos, at a special billiards table set up in the 5th floor lobby of the High1 Resort Grand Hotel. On the 19th, the High1 Winners We had a meeting with 45 supporters.

In addition, there will be a variety of events and entertainment for the general public and billiards enthusiasts until the 30th, such as PBA-LPBA star players holding photo times and fan signing events at the competition site.

Reporter Joo Hyun-tae [email protected]

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