Riot, Worlds theme song STAR WALKIN’ MV released

Riot, Worlds theme song STAR WALKIN’ MV released
Riot, Worlds theme song STAR WALKIN’ MV released
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[아이뉴스24 박예진 기자] Riot Games announced on the 23rd the soundtrack and music video of ‘STAR WALKIN’, the theme song of the ‘2022 League of Legends World Championship (Worlds)’.

▲ Two Grammy Awards ▲ STAR WALKIN’, composed by ‘Lil Nas X’, a singer loved by global fans such as No. 1 on the Billboard Singles Chart, is a song that adds a new feeling to the atmosphere of modern hip-hop. It was created to commemorate esports fans and professional players.

Carrie Dunn, Global Head of Creative and Esports, Riot Games, said, “With the theme song for the 2022 LoL World Championship, we wanted to express the personality of ‘One & Only’, which is also the slogan of this tournament, and in this regard, Lil Nas I decided that X was the best musician.” “STAR WALKIN’ is a song that perfectly expresses the tireless competitive spirit of professional players who have a burning passion to rise to the top. will,” he explained.

In this music video, new championship trophies created through collaboration with Tiffany & Co, including San Francisco, where the 2022 LoL World Championship final will be held, appear in this music video. There are many Easter eggs that will catch the attention of LoL esports fans, such as a player holding a ruler next to Jo Yong-in.

In addition, ▲ ‘Chovy’ Jung Ji-hoon (Gen.G, Korea) ▲ ‘Meiko’ Tenye (EDG, China) ▲ ‘Humanoid’ Marek Brazzda (Fnatic, Europe) ▲ Core Jangjeon (Team Liquid, North America) LoL eSports such as Cho Yong-in Players representing major regions appear as the main characters in this music video and fight in pairs with LoL champions transformed into giant robots such as ▲Azir ▲Thresh ▲Reel ▲Twisted Fate.

The music video for ‘STAR WALKIN’, the theme song of the 2022 LoL World Championship, can be viewed through the official LoL YouTube channel, and will be released on all domestic and foreign music sites such as Melon, Genie, Bugs, and Spotify.

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