‘Korean fighter’ Angela Lee provokes Chinese champion at One Championship

‘Korean fighter’ Angela Lee provokes Chinese champion at One Championship
‘Korean fighter’ Angela Lee provokes Chinese champion at One Championship

One Championship Women’s Mixed Martial Arts strawweight champion Jingnan Xiong (left) and atomweight champion Angela Li (right). Photo courtesy of ONE Championship

Korean fighter Angela Lee (26, USA/Canada) provoked her opponent, Shung Jingnan (34, China), against the ‘One Championship’ women’s mixed martial arts champion. This is their third match for both of them.

On October 1st, Angela Lee (Korean name: Seungjoo Lee) fights Jingnan Shung in the ONE on Prime Video 2 main event. Atomweight champion Angela Lee challenges strawweight champion Jingnan Shung through the last match of the One Championship, which is broadcast live to the United States and Canada through the global OTT service ‘Amazon Prime Video’.

Angela Li pointed out that “Jingnan Xiong fought not to lose,” and pointed out that she recently won all three consecutive victories by decision. Coincidentally, the ‘three wins’ are title defenses by Shung Jingnan after suffering her first defeat to Angela Lee in six matches of her One Championship debut.

“Of course, it was sad, but in the end, it was a good regret. After losing, I looked back on my shortcomings a lot. I’m not like I was then. It is evolving and changing,” he recalled. Then, Angela Lee booed, ‘Is the result of three years of change a timid decision victory?’

“I wasn’t very impressed, maybe because of the lack of aggression,” said Angela Li. It’s not about destroying whoever is in front of you (through KOs or articulations), it’s just fighting to maintain the championship belt.”

One Championship Women’s Mixed Martial Arts uses a championship system in two weight classes. Angela Li has not come down since ascending to the Atomweight title in 2016, while Jingnan Xiong took the strawweight title in 2018. Her first fight in March 2019 was for Angela Liga in the strawweight division, and her second fight in October of that year was unsuccessful in her attempt to conquer the atomweight division by Shung Jingnan.

Angela Li said, “She will be angry if she hears my criticism. Through Game 3, he expects to show that ‘I’m still a dangerous champion trying to finish his opponent'” and “So, I won’t take note of the recent three strawweight title fights that I won by decision (in preparing for this match).” said.

Angeli’s natural physique and strength are inferior. The game will be more difficult if Xiong Jingnan is not taking risks and is aiming for a safe decision win. It could be a calculated taunt in which you want your opponent to come out aggressively.

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