‘LG fans’ applause and even sang a cheering song in the 9th hit by Lee Dae-ho

Lotte Lee Dae-ho bows to greet Lotte fans on the third base side after hitting the ninth inning against Jamsil LG on the 22nd. /Photo = News 1

When Lee Dae-ho (40, Lotte) hit in the ninth inning, not only Lotte fans on the third base side, but also LG fans on the first base side gave a warm applause. It was the Lotte fans who attended Park Yong-taek’s retirement ceremony last summer, and the LG fans who sincerely congratulated Lee Dae-ho’s retirement tour.

Lee Dae-ho’s retirement tour of ‘Chosun’s 4th hitter’ ended with an away match with the LG Twins held at Jamsil Stadium on the 22nd. It was the second time since Seung-yeop Lee in 2017 that the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) and 10 clubs officially agreed to hold a retirement tour.

To celebrate Lee Dae-ho’s retirement, LG prepared a meaningful gift with special care. A wooden commemorative plaque made of the same material as Dae-ho Lee’s main baseball bat (hard maple wood) (built-in cheering song for Lee Dae-ho’s appearance), and a large frame with messages and autographs from the LG team were delivered.

LG’s number 10 Oh Ji-hwan said, ‘In my heart, number 10 is the only one, Dae-ho Lee. You worked hard, and I will support you for a new start.” Catcher Yoo Gangnam said, ‘I feel a sense of relief and peace that I don’t have to deal with seniors. May your second life prosper like Dae-ho Lee of Joseon.”

Before the game, Lotte Manager Sutton said, “Lee Dae-ho is proving that he is a special player. Just having his name on the lineup has a big presence.” “He has strong mental strength and shows leadership in the clubhouse. I think I can run even more.”

Lotte took a 7-0 lead in the ninth inning. Dae-ho Lee stepped into the plate with a second-best first base opportunity. ‘Dae-ho’ cheering for Lee Dae-ho resounded even louder in Jamsil Bee. Lee Dae-ho hit the second pitch against LG pitcher Bae Jae-joon to score a hit that separated third baseman and shortstop. Lee Dae-ho, who slowly stepped on first base, was replaced by Ko Seung-min.

Lee Dae-ho, who was running to the dugout, stopped for a moment and bowed his head to greet Lotte fans. Soon after, he turned around and took off his hat to say goodbye to the LG fans. Not only Lotte fans but also LG fans applauded Lee Dae-ho’s appearance. Then, they sang along to Lee Dae-ho’s cheering song.

Lotte is dreaming of a miracle by running for three consecutive wins. They are in 7th place in the league with 61 wins, 4 draws and 71 losses this season. Riding with NC in 6th place is 0.5 games. 5th place KIA and Ride are aiming for a double play at the last minute with two matches.

Lotte now has 8 matches left. The game on the 23rd is Lotte’s last game in Jamsil this season. Maybe it will be Lee Dae-ho’s farewell match in Jamsil. However, there is only one case where Lee Dae-ho can step on Jamsil land again. After Lotte advances to the postseason, it will clash with LG.

Manager Sutton said, “The end of the regular season is the most exciting time. The team atmosphere is very good right now. We may not be able to control everything, but if we keep the current trend, there will definitely be good opportunities. Strategies to win the rest of the game I will use all of my cards and cards,” he vowed to do all-out war.

Lotte has no game schedule for four days after the match against Gocheok Kiwoom on the 24th. Afterwards, they will play against KIA in Gwangju on September 29, Daejeon against Hanwha on September 30, Sajik Doosan on October 2 and 3, and Changwon NC on October 5, respectively. The final match of the season was against LG resignation on October 8th. In this match, Lee Dae-ho’s grand retirement ceremony will be held. Can Lee Dae-ho and Lotte write a miracle drama this fall, as all Lotte fans wished?

A large frame with messages and autographs from the LG squad. /Photo = provided by LG Twins
A wooden carved commemorative plaque with a built-in cheering song for Lee Dae-ho. /Photo = provided by LG Twins
After the pre-match retirement tour event, LG and Lotte players are taking a commemorative photo. /Photo = News 1

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