‘Respected senior’ Lee Dae-ho strikes out ‘Baby Eagle’, the time for a monster rookie is coming

‘Respected senior’ Lee Dae-ho strikes out ‘Baby Eagle’, the time for a monster rookie is coming
‘Respected senior’ Lee Dae-ho strikes out ‘Baby Eagle’, the time for a monster rookie is coming

Hanwha Eagles pitcher Moon Dong-ju. / OSEN DB

[OSEN=인천, 홍지수 기자] Hanwha Eagles ‘rookie monster’ pitcher Moon Dong-ju (19) is building up valuable experience. He even caught a senior he respected. His time is coming.

Game 15 of the season between Hanwha and Lotte Giants held in Daejeon on the 21st. Moon Dong-ju was selected by Hanwha. It was the first comeback game in 104 days after being excluded from entry after being diagnosed with a partial rupture of the subscapularis and hematoma after the match against Jamsil Doosan on June 9.

Dong-ju Moon became a losing pitcher because he did not receive support from other lines to score, but he threw a mix of curves, sliders (more than 12), two-seam fastballs, and changeups (more than 5) centered on fastballs (42) with a maximum of 156km and an average of 152km to defeat Lotte batters. caught

“He pitched really well,” Subero said. There was a crisis in the beginning, but we overcame it. He showed adaptability and finished well. Moon Dong-ju made it his own game. His fastball and curveball stood out. He also threw a changeup and two-seam well.”

It was a memorable day for Moon Dong-ju himself. It was because he was able to play against a senior he respected. He took off his hat and greeted Lee Dae-ho, who was on a retirement tour that day, before the match. Moon Dong-ju said, “He is a senior that I have respected and looked up to since childhood. He greeted me with a lot of respect so far.”

On that day, Dong-Joo Moon led Dae-Ho Lee to a deadly blow and struck out. Moon Dong-ju said, “He hit a full-base home run the day before (the 20th), so he thought he couldn’t have an easy game. In the first at bat, the fastball was not the way he wanted it to be, so he had the idea to focus on the changing ball. I think he was able to get the count and win with the change ball going well.”

There was a crisis in the first inning, but he overcame it well and blocked the experienced Lotte batters well. Moon Dong-ju threw 76 balls in 5 innings and played with 4 hits, 1 walk, 8 strikeouts and 1 run. He was confident in his own pitching.

Moon Dong-ju said, “I threw 2 to 2⅔ innings at the Futures, and I took a lot of innings from the practice game with Yonsei University. Since then, he has gained a lot of confidence and I think he can throw with confidence in my fastball.”

Coach Subero said, “It was impressive to put him in the strike zone from the beginning. Above all, Moon Dong-joo pitched boldly against an experienced Lotte batsman. It was impressive.”

Looking forward to more in the future. ‘Monster rookie’ Moon Dong-ju has confidence. With Lotte, he felt he could do it. “I was trying to take the count fight aggressively,” he said. He was confident from the moment he played for Futures. Overall, I think the command was good, and I threw it where I wanted to throw, so the game went the way I thought it would and I think we had a good match.”

body is also good. Moon Dong-ju said, “The rehabilitation was done perfectly. The coaches in Seosan took great care of me, so my shoulders are very good. Rather, it is better to have a good body and throw the ball.” He said, “I didn’t have confidence before the injury, but I think I have a lot more confidence now.”

Coach Subero wants the young players to grow a lot through the rest of this year, the finishing camp and next spring camp next year. Although ‘Autumn Baseball’ has become a topic of conversation again this year, coach Subero said, “You have to show that you are trying your best and fighting until the end. He has to show that he is biting and drooping all the way to the end. So you need to improve your body. That’s how you show that you don’t give up.”

In the future, Dong-Joo Moon can be given more opportunities and time. For the rest of this year, Hanwha will go without a foreign pitcher. In other words, we can see more of Moon Dong-ju’s ascent. Nick Kingham and Ryan Carpenter have left with injuries, while new foreign pitchers Yefri Ramirez and Felix Pena have also suffered injuries.

Looking back on his return from injury, Moon Dong-ju said, “There were a lot of strikeouts and the things that were reflected in my eyes were good, but there were some things I regret in the beginning, so I want to get rid of them so that it can continue well into the second half.”

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