“I was out of the army because I was too tight”… LG Oh Ji-hwan fined 30 for malicious comments

LG Oh Ji-hwan smiles during the match between LG Twins and Doosan Bears in the ‘2022 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 13th. 2022.9.13/News 1 ⓒ News1 Reporter Lee Seung-bae

(Seoul=News1) Reporter Jaeha Park = A man in his 30s who made a malicious comment on the controversy over special military service at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games by LG Twins player Oh Ji-hwan was fined.

According to the legal community on the 23rd, Yoon Yang-ji, the 10th independent criminal of the Seoul Western District Court, sentenced Mr.

In April 2019, Mr. A is accused of insulting Mr. Oh by posting malicious comments to articles related to Mr. Oh and his wife, such as “I did not get hit and did not go to the army”, “I used Seon Dong-yeol well and left the army”.

During the trial, Mr. A’s side explained, “The expression does not constitute an insult and there was no intention to insult the victim.”

In response, the court said, “There are no facts revealed as to whether or not illegal activities such as illegal solicitation were involved in Oh Ji-hwan’s selection for the 2018 Asian Games national team. didn’t,” he said.

He continued, “The incident caused a heated controversy, and the national team coach even attended the national audit. Considering this, the ‘back’ written by Mr. A was interpreted as being selected for the national team through an unfair process. It can be seen as an expression that will lower the social evaluation of the people,” he pointed out.

Regarding the claim that Mr. A wrote a comment for the purpose of criticizing the national team selection system, “It seems that it was written to reveal a negative image of Oh, not a sound criticism, as an extension of the social discussion regarding Oh’s exemption from military service.” retorted.

He also explained the reason for the sentencing, saying, “It can be admitted that Mr. A intended to insult Oh Ji-hwan, and it cannot be considered that Mr. A’s crime was justified.”

Oh Ji-hwan was selected for the national team at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang and received a gold medal and exemption from military service. In the process, there was a storm in which the then national team coach Seon Dong-yeol gave up his baton after appearing as a witness at the state audit.

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