‘KLPGA 3-year suspension’ What is the future of Yoon Na-na?

‘KLPGA 3-year suspension’ What is the future of Yoon Na-na?
‘KLPGA 3-year suspension’ What is the future of Yoon Na-na?

It is not easy to advance into overseas tours in the US, Japan, and Europe

Pay attention to whether the disciplinary action will be reduced as in the case of Bio Kim
If there is a 3-year gap as originally planned, the performance cannot be predicted.

Ina Yoon / Photo: Courtesy of KLPGA

What will happen to the future of Yuna (19), who was sanctioned by the Korean Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) on the 20th for a ‘3 year suspension’.

Based on his natural slugging ability, he won one win in his debut year on the KLPGA tour, raising the stock price, so his choices and interest in the future are not diminishing.

Some are talking about ‘going overseas’. However, going on tours in Japan, the United States, and Europe is not easy. Foreign media has hardly reported on the punishment Yoon Na received so far, but rumors must have already been made on the major LPGA tour. The general view is that even if Ena Yoon, who has been marked with ‘Crimson Letter’, goes on an overseas tour, she can’t stand it because it is clear that she will be asked about the KLPGA’s disciplinary action at every tournament. For overseas tours, violations of golf rules, in particular, the views and sanctions for cheating are much more severe than ours. There is an anecdote that Player A, who was active on the US LPGA Tour, had an argument with the caddy of the accompanying player over a golf rule issue, and eventually returned to Korea immediately after rumors among the players. There is also the case of Kang Sung-hoon, who had to suffer heartburn for a while on the US PGA Tour because he had a disagreement with his companion over the entry point of the penalty area.

Some people expect the association to reduce disciplinary action. In September 2019, Kim Bio was punished by the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) Reward and Punishment Committee for ‘a fine of 10 million won and suspension of qualifications for three years’ for swearing at the gallery at the Volvik Daegu Gyeongbuk Open of the Korean Tour DGB Financial Group. However, the association held a board meeting about a month later and lowered the level of disciplinary action to ‘120 hours of volunteer work per year of suspension of qualifications’ while leaving the fine as it is. Bio Kim has been active on the Korean Tour normally from 2021.

In the explanation of the KLPGA Reward and Punishment Subcommittee, which issued a disciplinary action against Yuna, there is a phrase that says, ‘We will firmly deal with similar misconduct in the future’. It is proof that Yoon or her case is being taken seriously. Whether the KLPGA board of directors will overturn this and shorten the disciplinary period against Yuna seems to depend on public opinion, Yuna’s self-restraint attitude, and whether or not to file an appeal.

According to the disciplinary details, Yuna may not be able to compete at all until September 19, 2025. If this is the case, the gap between her three years in her early twenties, her prime as a female player, makes her unpredictable on her future performance. Park Nam-shin represented Korea in the World Cup match held in the United States in November 1993. He hit a provisional ball on the first day he didn’t declare a ‘provisional ball’. In that case, it is useless to find the original ball and the provisional ball becomes the ball in play. When Nam-Shin Park found the original ball, she gave up the provisional ball and played with the original ball and was disqualified. The KPGA gave him a ‘2 year suspension’ for lowering his national status. Park Nam-shin has been able to complete her disciplinary period and compete in the tournament since 1995. Also, as seen in Bae Sang-moon · Roh Seung-yeol’s ‘Military Service – Return to Tour’ case, her absence of about two years inevitably affects her career as a player.

The disciplinary action against Yuna has ended, but as long as she doesn’t give up on her career, the interest in Yoona is likely to continue for the time being.

Yuna Yoon was disqualified for not reporting the wrong ball at the DB Group Korea Women’s Open in June.

Kyungsoo Kim Golf Writer

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