Ho-taek Oh enters ‘One Championship’ after 8 years of debut ‘Beat the veteran’

Ho-taek Oh enters ‘One Championship’ after 8 years of debut ‘Beat the veteran’
Ho-taek Oh enters ‘One Championship’ after 8 years of debut ‘Beat the veteran’

Ho-taek Oh enters ‘One Championship’ after 8 years of debut “Beat the veteran”

By Kim Woo-jeong, staff reporter [email protected]

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Appears in a featherweight match on the 1st of next month, and the opponent is ranked 5th Ryogo Takahashi (Japan)
The key to gaining an upper-class advantage… Selected as a ‘game to watch out for’

Oh Ho-taek (left), who makes his ONE Championship debut eight years after his mixed martial arts debut, and Ryogo Takahashi, ranked 5th in the official ONE Championship MMA featherweight ranking. One Championship Offer

Oh Ho-taek will enter the major stage through the ONE Championship, Asia’s largest martial arts group. It has been eight years since his mixed martial arts debut.

On October 1, Oh Ho-taek will face Ryogo Takahashi (Japan) in the third match (featherweight) of ONE on Prime Video 2.

It is the first time since 2014 that Oh Ho-taek competes in featherweight division. The fact that Takahashi is a strong player who is ranked 5th in the official MMA ranking of the One Championship is also the reason why his victory in his debut match cannot be guaranteed.

Ho-taek Oh, who moved up to the lightweight division in 2016 after losing 1 draw and 1 loss in the featherweight division, has risen to 8 wins and 1 loss. It seems that whether he can show Takahashi his superior physique and superiority from a higher weight class such as height will determine his victory or defeat in his One Championship debut.

Takahashi succeeded in his first defense the following year after becoming the ‘Shutou’ featherweight rim champion in the Japanese mixed martial arts competition in 2016. After his advance to the One Championship, he defeated Changmin Yoon in 2020 with a two-round punch KO.

At that time, Yoon Chang-min was in the spotlight, such as winning the 2018 Japanese reality program ‘Fighting Proxy War’ Season 2, winning 4 consecutive victories in the One Championship, and being taught by Choo Seong-hoon and Kim Dong-hyun. Takahashi made a deep impression by breaking the momentum of Yoon Chang-min.

One Championship’s official website selected Oh Ho-Taek-Takahashi as one of ‘The three mixed martial arts matches from the end of September to the beginning of October that you will not regret even if you pay attention, although it is not a main/co-main event or title match.

Ho-Taek Oh is recognized for his six-game winning streak in mixed martial arts, including TFC (Korea), AFC (Korea), UAE Warriors (United Arab Emirates) and Brave (Bahrain), as well as his versatile technique and grappling ability to perform at his best on the mat.

One Championship said, “Ho-taek Oh is one of the most interesting major stage debut players at the moment. It’s not strange to play with a veteran.”

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