“The fun of gunplay without AI”… New State Mobile, ‘Bounty Royale’ remake

“The fun of gunplay without AI”… New State Mobile, ‘Bounty Royale’ remake
“The fun of gunplay without AI”… New State Mobile, ‘Bounty Royale’ remake

[Youth Daily]Krafton announced on the 26th that its mobile battle royale ‘NEW STATE MOBILE’ has been updated in May with a focus on the remake of ‘Bounty Royale’.

The main contents of this update are ▲ ‘Bounty Royale’ remake ▲ High-quality graphic option restriction lifted when selecting 90 frames ▲ Addition of a new gun ‘MG5’ ▲ Survivor Pass Vol.19 release.

Bounty Royal, which unfolds on the ‘Akinta’ map, was first introduced as limited-time content in the New State Lab in August of last year.

Bounty Royale, which has been remade and returned this time, is matched as a squad of up to 32 people only with pure users without artificial intelligence (AI) characters. You can collect data and accumulate the squad’s score by using the ‘data generating device’ placed on the battlefield or by performing missions.

When a user’s character dies, some of the collected data is dropped, and this data can be acquired by other users. Upon death, it is reintroduced to the battlefield after a certain period of time, and there is no limit to the number of reintroductions. Squads that do not collect a certain level of data for each phase are eliminated, and the squad that survives until the end wins.

In Bounty Royale, users can select the weapon and equipment they want in the lobby and enter the game so that they can focus on gunplay. At this time, the range of equipment selection varies depending on the user’s tier, which is only applied in Bounty Royale. Higher tier users can obtain more rewards at the cost of a narrow range of equipment to choose from. Bounty Royale can be played for 8 hours every day from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Korean time.

An update was also made to provide higher quality graphics on high-performance devices. Previously, when the frame rate was set to 90FPS, the graphic quality could only be selected as ‘light’, but now a higher quality graphic option has been changed to be selectable.

A new light machine gun (LMG), the MG5, has been added. The MG5 boasts strong firepower using 7.62mm bullets, and can be field acquired in all maps of New State Mobile. Applying the ‘dedicated large-capacity magazine’ customization to the MG5 increases the magazine capacity from 50 to 100 rounds. However, the reload speed is reduced. In addition, the ‘5.56mm barrel’ customization of the designated marksman rifle (DMR) ‘SLR’ has been changed to ‘incendiary bullet’. Enemies hit by incendiary bullets receive burn damage continuously for 6 seconds, and aiming fire is restricted.

【Youth Daily = Reporter Seonghyun Cho】

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