‘Geumgang Penterium Ocean Bay’, which became a den of warblers…Geumgang Housing “Inflow from the outside after moving in”


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▲ A hump fly inside a piece of furniture taken with an endoscope camera © Reporter A

[베타뉴스=권이민수 기자] In the ‘Siheung Geumgang Penterium Ocean Bay’ supplied by Geumgang Housing, swarms of humpback flies appear and the residents are suffering. However, the Geumgang Housing side is avoiding responsibility, saying, “It was introduced from the outside after moving in,” and the controversy is expected to grow.

Located in Sihwa MTV, Siheung Geumgang Penterium Ocean Bay consists of 1 basement level and 30 floors above ground, 6 buildings, a total of 930 households, and all types are 59 to 84㎡ in size, mainly small and medium-sized. In particular, the complex was built so that it could directly view Sihwa Lake and the West Sea, so it recorded an average competition rate of 8.57 to 1 and successfully closed the sale.

Resident A also entered Siheung Geumgang Penterium Ocean Bay through a high competition rate. Mr. A, who moved in in March of this year with expectations for Ocean View, said, “I witnessed some insects flying from the first day of moving in.” However, the bug, which was thought to be a common ephemera, began to increase in number as the days passed. Mr. A said, “It increased exponentially as it rained and the humidity increased.”

However, Mr. A was not the only resident suffering from insects. Dozens of generations were suffering from swarms of insects. Resident B said, “I’m using all kinds of repellents and medicines to catch insects, but I’m stressed because insects appear every day.” Another resident, Mr. C, said, “I am constantly catching insects, but in the morning, I am embarrassed to see dead or crawling insects again.”

It is known that the bug that harassed the residents was a ‘hogfly’. The hump fly is an insect belonging to the family Diptera, which has excellent fertility and survives for about 40 days. It is known that it grows slowly by eating mold inside the wood, and then comes out through the gap when it becomes an adult. In May to August, the incubation period, a huge number of larvae break out of the pupa and a group of adult lump flies appear. Cases of damage are reported mainly in hot and humid coastal areas.

Fortunately, humps are not pests that directly harm humans. However, due to their small size, they can enter the body through food or the respiratory tract. In addition, it is not easy to prevent because it lays many eggs at once and has a very long incubation period, and it causes problems when heaps of dead bodies accumulate throughout the house.

▲ Hundreds of humpback flies caught in a trap © Reporter A

Resident A said, “Geumgang House did not actively step forward, so I personally called a quarantine company to conduct quarantine.”

He then burst into anger, saying, “I asked if I could get the cost of quarantine from Geumgang House, but they didn’t.”

Beta News asked Geumgang Housing for their position. The Geumgang House said, “It didn’t come out during construction, and since it started to appear after moving in, it is judged that it was introduced from outside after moving in.”

“As a result of checking through an endoscope camera, lump flies are found sparsely in one or two generations, not just in the whole,” he said. did” is.

Next, the Geumgang Housing side also left the word, “We are currently discussing countermeasures with a report.”

However, unlike the claim of Geumgang Housing, a professional quarantine company that visited the site of the Siheung Geumgang Penterium Ocean Bay asserted, “It is impossible for a swarm of flies to come in from the outside.”

The quarantine company speculated, “When the furniture was delivered from the furniture company to the construction company, it was fine, but there was a problem in the process of storing the furniture at the construction company, and mold was formed, which caused lump flies.”

Resident A said, “I hope that Geumgang Housing will actively step forward and solve this problem as soon as possible.”

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