Space Gears, first play test for global users

Space Gears, first play test for global users
Space Gears, first play test for global users

Pentapeak Studio, a subsidiary of Two Byte, will start the first global play test of its game ‘Space Gears’ on Steam from 16:00 on June 2nd.

This play test will be held from June 2nd to 5th, and anyone can play without restrictions on the number of participants and participation conditions.

‘Space Gears’ is a real-time strategy game with a sci-fi world view, with its own IP set against the backdrop of a great war triggered during terraforming of Mars in the 22nd century. As a pioneer and commander, he conducts resource mining and terraforming research to create a mech unit and participates in various battles such as PvE and PvP to pioneer Mars.

Through this play test, you can directly control the mech unit and play PvE and PvP. The PvP map ‘Plain Showdown’ is a battlefield that requires the user’s choice and concentration to occupy a strong strategic point.

During the test period, if you complete given missions such as inviting friends and following social media on the ‘Space Gears’ Discord, you will receive a subscription to Discord Nitro through a lottery, and you can also check the battle highlight video filmed with a play test build on the official YouTube.

Ham Young-cheol, CEO of Two Byte, said, “I am nervous because it is the first test to be introduced after being developed for a year and two months. We will do our best to listen to the voices of global users and present a high-quality game before the official release.”

Space Gears will have a playtest for global gamers from June 2nd to 5th, participation in SNF (Steam Next Fest) in June, and global early access through Steam within this year. We are working hard on development targeting global gamers who like RTS, strategy, fighting games, and sci-fi materials.

Beta News Reporter Lee Seung-hee ([email protected])
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