Steam Audio SDK released as open source


▲ Steam Audio Developer Kit main image (Photo source: Steam Community)

The Steam Audio Software Development kit has been converted to open source. Free secondary creation is possible as long as the license is followed.

Valve announced on the 20th that it would convert the entire source code of the Steam Audio developer kit to open source through the official Steam Audio community. The Apache License 2.0 is applied to the source, so secondary licenses and patent applications for modified works are also possible. Apache License 2.0 is a license that applies to open source software developed by Apache Software Foundation developers.

This open source was created after receiving various feedback from the existing user community. Accordingly, in the future, users using the Steam Audio Developer Kit will be able to adjust the program to suit their needs and share it with many users using the same software. Steam Audio Developer Kit supported engines include Unity, Unreal Engine, and FMOD Studio.

▲ Part of Steam audio code (Photo source: Steam Community)

Valve said that the development team’s selection of features to develop often begins when it is needed for internal projects, and cited an episode from the development of Half-Life: Alix as an example. At the time, the development team spent a lot of time on hybrid reverberation and routing features, and released these features as part of Steam Audio 4.0.0. However, the development team later decided that the priorities set in this way limited the ability to provide the functions users needed, and switched to opening the code as open source and allowing it to be optimized to suit their needs.

Meanwhile, Valve said it will “continue our ongoing work on Steam Audio, including fixing bugs and releasing new features.”

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