Various new models released… Serin C&I Fractal Design Mesh Pie 2 Series Compact 5 types

Seorin C&I (CEO Jeon Deok-gyu) has launched a new compact model-based model derived from Fractal Design’s ‘Meshify 2’ series.

Unlike the Define series, which focuses on implementing a low-noise PC environment, the MeshPie series focuses on cooling effects and has an angular mesh panel with a sensuous design on the front.

Mesh Pie 2 comes in a variety of models. Mesh Pie 2 XL that can be installed up to E-ATX main board, Mesh Pie 2 Compact that can be installed up to ATX main board, Mesh Pie 2 Mini (MINI) that can install m-ATX main board, and the smallest model that can only be installed with mini ITX main board. Pi 2 Nano (NANO) and the like.

This new product is based on a compact model and includes two RGB models equipped with RGB LED cooling fans as standard, two Lite models excluding some additional functions, and one light RGB model with RGB applied to the light model. there is paper

Mesh Pie 2 series has applied an optimized mesh hole design with tight manufacturing tolerances on the front angular mesh panel. This helps smooth outside air inflow, and the design minimizes the inflow of foreign substances to support excellent cooling performance and easy maintenance. Here, the front panel with a geometric design reminiscent of a diamond cut surface is made of high-quality materials, providing a refined appearance and excellent durability.

The Fractal Design Meshify 2 compact RGB series and compact light model show a big difference in the number of front cooling fans and the front and top panel structures. First, the compact RGB provides a total of three 120mm aspect RGB fans, but the light model comes with two 140mm aspect fans as standard. However, the light RGB model comes with three 120mm aspect RGB fans, the same as the compact RGB model, and a 120mm cooling fan is commonly provided on the rear side regardless of product category.

In addition, the radiator and fan-only bracket on the top panel provided in the Meshify 2 compact model and the detachable dust filter on the front panel are excluded from the compact light and compact light RGB models. Here, a USB 3.1 Type-C port is not provided as standard, so if necessary, you can purchase and install a dedicated cable sold separately. Other than that, the tempered glass side panel, expansion slot, and built-in storage mounting options and appearance are all the same, so you can choose according to your build environment and system configuration.

Finally, as the MeshFi 2 compact base model shares the frame, the compact RGB and compact light models provide the same hardware compatibility. Therefore, it is possible to mount a tower-type CPU cooler with a maximum height of 167mm, a power supply with a maximum length of 180mm, a graphics card with a maximum length of 345mm, up to two 3.5-inch HDDs, and up to four 2.5-inch HDD/SSD.

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