Upgraded image quality to 3 million pixels, smart home CCTV IP camera ‘IP Time C300’

Upgraded image quality to 3 million pixels, smart home CCTV IP camera ‘IP Time C300’
Upgraded image quality to 3 million pixels, smart home CCTV IP camera ‘IP Time C300’

FM Networks’ first IP camera ‘IP Time C200’ released in 2020 was successful. An IP camera is a camera that can be connected to the Internet and checked in real time. It can be said that CCTV can be operated freely through the Internet. At a time when the demand for IP cameras for single-person households, home security, and companion animals is increasing, ‘IP Time C200’ has successfully settled in the market based on the trust of a domestic brand, iPatiim, rather than a Chinese brand. With a brand called IPtime that you can trust and use, such as a solid after-sales service, ‘IPTime C200’ is a steady seller that is still selling steadily even now, with its unique cost-effectiveness.

▲ IP Time C300

This IPTIME has released a new smart home IP camera ‘C300’. Basically, the quality is increased. The 2 million pixels of the C200 also have clear FHD resolution, but the IPTime C300 has 3 million pixels that are clearer than this. Monitoring is possible with a clearer picture quality, and the function has been greatly upgraded. Let’s take a look at the review of the newly released Wi-Fi IP camera ‘IP Time C300’ through the review.

■ Small and simple design

The design is neat and resembles a typical IP camera design. It has a neat appearance that goes well anywhere with a white color body.

The size is 80x80x105mm, it fits in the hand, and the weight is 200g. In general, it can be placed on a table or installed in a desired location without space restrictions, such as a wall or ceiling, using the supplied mount-type cradle. Basically, the higher it is installed, the wider the field of view can be secured.

There is an input terminal on the back of the product. There is a power input terminal using a micro 5-pin terminal and an LED button to check the status of the reset button. Using a commonly used 5-pin terminal, other USB cables can be used to increase usability. The status is checked with the LED button, and after the connection is complete, the LED can be turned off through the app.

The product package includes the C300 body, cradle, power adapter, USB cable, user manual, installation guide sticker, fixing screw, and knife block. The USB cable is quite long so that it can be installed on a ceiling, etc. The IP Time C300 can be used only by connecting Wi-Fi with a frequency of 2.4GHz, so you only need to connect a power cable to connect.

■ 3 megapixel high-definition IP camera

IPTime C300 is an indoor Wi-Fi security camera that supports 3 megapixels (3MP 2288×1288), enabling monitoring or recording with clear picture quality beyond FHD resolution.

▲ A scene shot with the IP Time C300. The clear picture quality is impressive

By supporting the Pan/Tilt function, it is possible to monitor a large area without blind spots. With a wide viewing angle of 105 degrees, a single camera can detect a large area.

By supporting the pan/tilt function of the IP Time C300, the camera can be controlled up to 355 degrees left and right and 110 degrees up and down through the app to secure a wide shooting field of view. Another advantage is that the camera’s direction can be controlled in real time from the outside through the IP Time app. In addition, the preset function allows the user to customize the lens to the desired position.

▲ You can record full-color night images even in the absence of light.

Monitoring and clear recording are possible even at night. You don’t even have to turn on the light. With the infrared IR sensor, it is possible to record with clear image quality even at night when there is no light at all. When there is no brightness, it automatically switches to night mode. It even has its own lighting installed. When an event occurs, it turns on its own light to record the event situation more clearly. Especially at night, you can turn on the normal black-and-white recording and turn on its own light. Thanks to this, it is possible to record clear color video even at night.

■ ‘Auto Track’ that tracks objects

When the motion of an object is detected through smart AI analysis, it is equipped with a new ‘Auto Track’ function that automatically tracks and shoots the camera lens. As long as the lens of the IPTime C300 can move, a specific person can be captured in the center of the image.

In addition, it supports the ‘person detection function’ that detects a person and displays the location of the person in a red square on the screen, and the ‘detection area setting’ function that allows efficient monitoring of only a specific area to be monitored excluding unnecessary areas. The detection area can monitor only the area to be monitored, such as a person entering through a door or a baby cot, increasing monitoring efficiency.

In addition, when an event situation such as movement is detected, a notification is sent to the linked user’s smartphone. It also has an ‘event detection’ function that allows you to check the event capture screen and video directly from the app. The detection sensitivity can be set in three levels: low, medium, and high.

■ Easy installation and setup for dedicated apps

IPTime C300 can be installed easily and simply using the dedicated ‘ipCAM’ app. However, you will need to install a new app that is different from the old C200 app. The app supports Android smartphones as well as Apple iOS devices. Of course, there is no cost to install or use the app.

▲ Install the dedicated app ipCAM

If you install the ‘ipCAM’ app on your smartphone, follow the instructions to connect. In particular, the entire connection process is easy because the connection of the IP Time C300 is made by the camera lens recognizing the QR code displayed on the smartphone app. The ‘ipCAM’ app can connect multiple IP Time IP cameras. Multiple IP cameras can be monitored or managed with one app.

If you connect to Wi-Fi, real-time monitoring is possible from anywhere through the app. Built-in microphone and speaker support two-way real-time voice conversation. It can deliver real-time voice to a child who is difficult to answer the phone from outside, and it can be reassured by letting the pet hear the voice.

Monitoring is also possible with a PC rather than a smartphone app. Install ‘IP Time VMS Viewer’, a program for PC. Multiple IP camera images can be monitored simultaneously through a PC monitor. Thanks to this, you can enjoy multiple screens at a glance, and it includes setting functions such as deleting and adding cameras through the program, and adjusting each screen and sound.

▲ Micro SD card status can be viewed through the dedicated app

In addition, IPTime C300 has a micro SD card slot that can accommodate up to 256GB of SD card. You can use a micro SD card to store recorded videos. A small SD card is also good. When the capacity is full, it is not necessary to manually delete the video because the old video is sequentially overwritten and saved. The manufacturer recommends a 256GB micro SD card, but when I put in a 400GB SanDisk micro SD card, it recognized it and saved the video well.

IPTime C300 is an economical IP camera because there is no additional cost for monitoring or video storage except for the cost of purchasing the product for the first time or purchasing an SD card for video storage.

■ Improved image quality, performance, and cost-effectiveness

At a time when some IP camera hacking cases are insecure, a reliable domestic brand IPtime has released a new IP camera C300.

The image quality has been improved to 3 million pixels compared to the previous model, and new technologies such as ‘Auto Track’ that detect and track people and take pictures have been added along with an event notification function that notifies the smartphone when motion is detected. It is suitable for CCTV use in empty houses or shops, or as an IP camera for the elderly or companion animals who live alone. It also has a microphone and speaker, so real-time voice conversations are possible.

The performance has been upgraded, but the value for money is considerable. The IP Time C300 is currently on sale at the mid-$40,000 range at the launch commemorative price. Based on the lowest price, it was released at a lower price than the existing C200. IPtime C300 supports one year free warranty service by IPtime.

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