Excluding the 3rd financial center, the three major issues of Jeonbuk provincial government are ‘clues’

Excluding the 3rd financial center, the three major issues of Jeonbuk provincial government are ‘clues’
Excluding the 3rd financial center, the three major issues of Jeonbuk provincial government are ‘clues’

High possibility of designation of Special Self-Governing Province Act and Saemangeum Investment Promotion District
Namwon Public Medical University depends on the decision of the Democratic Party, the majority party
Depending on whether the thread is unraveled in the National Assembly, the political position changes

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As local governments in the province entered the final stages of securing budgets and legislative activities for next year, clues were drawn to three of the four pending issues of Jeonbuk provincial government.

According to the Jeonbuk political circle and Jeonbuk-do on the 24th, it was confirmed that the passage of the Jeonbuk Special Self-Governing Province Act, the Saemangeum Business Act, and the Special Taxation Restriction Act actually crossed the 9th ridge. If there are no major variables at the end of the bill deliberation, it seems that there will be no difficulty in passing the Special Self-Governing Province Act and the Saemangeum Business Act, which specifies the designation of the Saemangeum Investment Promotion District.

The Namwon National Public Medical Graduate School Act, which has become difficult to reach an agreement between the ruling and opposition parties, is a situation where only the decision of the Democratic Party of Korea, the majority party, remains. The issue of designating a 3rd financial center and creating a specialized financial city centered on asset management has yet to be resolved within this year, let alone a solution itself. This is because, following the Moon Jae-in administration, the Yoon Seok-yeol administration has a firm negative stance at the financial authorities level.

Jeonbuk Governor Kim Gwan-young’s strategy is to make a political breakthrough through practical achievements, as the recent voluntarily resignation of Jeonbuk Development Corporation President Suh Gyeong-seok has sparked controversy over personnel verification. Democratic Party Chairman Han Byeong-do and People’s Power Jeonbuk Provincial Party Chairman Jeong Woon-cheon are also expected to have different political positions depending on the resolution of major pending issues in the province. If more than half of the four pending issues are achieved, the political crisis can be turned into an opportunity. On the other hand, if the current issue remains at a standstill, it will inevitably be affected from the re-election in Jeonju in April next year. As Governor Kim has emphasized pragmatism and meritocracy, this year’s achievements will inevitably have a huge impact on determining the political weight in the future. If more than expected results are obtained in relation to the four pending issues of the province, momentum in the future is expected. The Special Self-Governing Province Act has yet to hold a public hearing, but it is a situation where members of the ruling and opposition parties belonging to the Public Administration and Security Committee have secured a consensus on the legitimacy of passage. The amendment to the Saemangeum Business Act and the Restriction of Special Taxation Act obtained cooperation from the ruling party’s Legislation and Judiciary Committee Chairman Kim Do-eup.

The biggest variable is the passage of the National Public Medical Graduate School Act, which has emerged as a national issue. If Governor Kim and the Jeonbuk politicians lead the Democratic Party to deal alone, it is expected that their status will also change. If the Democratic Party handles this law within the year, the position of the people’s strength, which promised to travel to Honam, could be very embarrassing in Jeonbuk.

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