Cartier unilaterally cancels order before price increase… Consumer ‘freaking out’

Cartier unilaterally cancels order before price increase… Consumer ‘freaking out’
Cartier unilaterally cancels order before price increase… Consumer ‘freaking out’

Orders from Cartier’s official website are unilaterally canceled, drawing public anger from consumers. On the 1st, the Cartier Korean website caused a connection error. (Photo = Cartier website capture)

[뉴스토마토 최유라 기자] Controversy is brewing over the unilateral order cancellation on the official website of French luxury watch and high jewelry brand Cartier. While the price of all products has been raised since the 1st, orders purchased before the increase are suddenly canceled, raising public outrage from consumers.

On the 1st, a number of articles were posted on the Louis Club, a luxury information community, saying that products ordered from the Cartier official website were unilaterally canceled.

Author A, who posted an article titled ‘Cartier Order Cancellation’, said, “I ordered a Trinity ring after thinking about it yesterday, and received a notice that the order was completed, but a while ago, I received a cancellation email.”

There was also a post saying that the payment was canceled even though the order was placed on the 9th of last month. Author B confessed, “I was so happy to pay for the tank must on the 9th,” and “I waited anxiously because the delivery date kept getting delayed, but it was suddenly canceled.”

Another luxury community, Chicment, also posted an article foreshadowing a group action against Cartier. More than 300 comments poured in when an article was posted on this site about figuring out the extent of damage related to Cartier order cancellation.

On this day, Cartier carried out an average price increase of 8-10% for all products. This is another price increase following a 13% increase in some products, including watches and accessories, in May.

However, when Cartier, which was ahead of a price increase, unilaterally canceled an order that had even reached the delivery schedule without any notice, it was pointed out that Cartier was acting out of power toward Korean consumers. In particular, it is estimated that there were more buyers than usual as the price increase was announced from this day. The Cartier Korean website, which was accessible until this morning, is currently inaccessible.

Cartier explained that the order was canceled due to a system error.

“It’s been a while since we improved the system, so it’s not stable yet,” he said. “There was a situation where an order was suddenly canceled unexpectedly.”

In addition, to the question, “Isn’t the order canceled by force?”, Cartier denied it again, saying, “It is not at all” and “It is not known for what reason it was canceled in detail.”

Currently, Cartier is trying to figure out the extent of customer damage due to system errors through customer centers.

However, it is unclear whether the customer will be able to repurchase the product at the price before the increase even if the damage is confirmed. Cartier said, “No decision has been made yet on how to handle canceled orders.”

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