North Korea robs ‘200kg of gold’ by gunmen… Super emergency in the middle of the night

A view of a highway near Pyongyang. photo RFA homepage capture

An incident in North Korea in which 200 kg of gold bars heading to Pyongyang was stolen took place, putting the whole of North Korea on alert. Currently, 1 kg of gold is traded for about 74 million won in Korea, so when converted to 200 kg, it is equivalent to 14.8 billion won.

According to a report by Radio Free Asia (RFA) citing local sources on the 30th of last month (local time), the Shinuiju area is said to have been overturned by an investigation team from the Ministry of State Security and Security these days. “A gold transport vehicle was attacked by robbers on National Road No. 1 between Sinuiju and Pyongyang in the middle of this month,” it said.

A local source said, “There was 200kg of gold (gold bars) in the transport car that was going up in the center of the party.” He stole the box it was in and fled.”

“There were two armed soldiers riding in the gold transport vehicle,” he said. “However, judging from the actions of the robbers who quickly subdued the armed soldiers, it seems that the criminals received special training in the military, and there were testimonies that the armed soldiers were helpless as well. ”he added.

In response, the Ministry of State Security and Safety said they are raising discharged soldiers from the Special Forces in North Pyongan Province as suspects and investigating their whereabouts on the day of the incident.

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A source in Yanggang Province also said, “These days, the border area of ​​Hyesan City is full of investigators from the National Security Agency, Security Department, and Border Command, and is in a state of emergency.” To prevent smuggling into China.”

The source said, “The authorities circulated a circular (flyer) to each inminban (family unit by household),” adding, “The circular says that if anyone is in possession of gold or recognizes a gold smuggling ship, they must immediately report it.” .

On the other hand, North Korea’s gold production bases are located in South Hwanghae Province, North Pyongan Province, and Yanggang Province, and ‘Jeongju Refinery’ and ‘Operation Refinery’ are representative examples. North Korea’s gold production is about 2-4 tons a year, and most of the gold produced here is sent to Room 39, which manages the party’s funds, and some is sent to the Central Bank of Korea.

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