The true identity of the drama ‘Big Mouse’ is Novak? Looking back on the things I mentioned to my daughter

The true identity of the drama ‘Big Mouse’ is Novak? Looking back on the things I mentioned to my daughter
The true identity of the drama ‘Big Mouse’ is Novak? Looking back on the things I mentioned to my daughter

Photo = Captured from MBC’s ‘Big Mouse’

[내외경제TV] Reporter Jin Byung-hun = Is Big Mouse Novak (Hyung-wook Yang)?

In the 11th episode of MBC’s ‘Big Mouse’ on the 2nd, Choi Do-ha (Kim Joo-heon), the mayor of Gucheon, gave the order, and the Gucheon prison riots were drawn. It was a plan to assassinate Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-suk) and his wife Go Mi-ho (Im Yoon-ah), led by Gan Su-cheol (Kim Dong-won), who became Choi Do-ha’s right-hand man.

Goo Mi-ho, who has an intuition that there is a problem with the nutritional supplement supplied by Gucheon Hospital, collects blood from prisoners and cooperates with Jang Hye-jin (Hong Ji-hee), wife of Han Jae-ho (Lee Yoo-jun), the suspect in the murder of Seo Jae-yong, professor of internal medicine.

Choi Do-ha confirmed the text message from Jang Hye-jin that a new drug was detected in an overseas hospital, and eventually put into action the plan to assassinate Park Chang-ho and Ko Mi-ho. Because of Han Jae-ho’s pathological obsession, Jang Hye-jin was murdered before she even met Go Mi-ho.

Choi Do-ha’s wife, Hyun Joo-hee (Ok Ja-yeon), the director of Gucheon Hospital, had a car accident in the last 10 episodes after drinking narcotic coffee. She interfered with Go Mi-ho, who was trying to dig up the corruption at Gucheon Hospital, but it seemed that her heart changed when she witnessed a terrible scene in the underground laboratory where Professor Seo was in charge.

It was speculated that Big Mouse used Park Chang-ho to the end, trying to uncover the reality of Professor Seo’s thesis, which was the background of all these incidents. Park Chang-ho notifies Park Yun-gap (Jung Jae-seong), the former director of Gucheon Prison, that he will meet Big Mouse in person, and the 11th episode ends when he meets Novak.

Novak said in the last 3 episodes, “My daughter has disappeared.” His story was that a year after reporting the disappearance, the police gave up and ran all over the place to cause a car accident and hit and run to Gucheon Prison.

Novak is described from the beginning as a person who sees the keys and is compared with the tarot card, which was a communication tool between Park Chang-ho and Big Mouse. So much attention is being paid to whether Big Mouse’s true identity is Novak.

Jerry (Kwak Dong-yeon), who helped Park Chang-ho escape from the Intellectual Center, wakes up in the hospital room and is still described as communicating with Big Mouse. Maybe he’s the real Big Mouse, but maybe he’s a member of the Big Mouse secret gang.

Big Mouse Mean is portrayed as the head of the Asian distributor of drugs produced in Colombia and a famous con artist who stole up to 100 billion won of Lara Capital.

▲ This article was written by a reporter who invested time while watching the broadcast, so other media should be polite.

The drama Big Mouse OTT is being serviced on Disney Plus, not Netflix, and upload and update times are released within an hour after the end of the broadcast. There is no original original, and the last 10 episodes had a rating of 10.0% nationwide (1,771 viewers) and 10.2% in the metropolitan area (1,134 viewers).

Meanwhile, Big Mouse airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 pm, and the 11th rebroadcast is broadcast at 1:40 pm and 8:40 pm on the 3rd.

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