Sun, the character from the drama ‘Adamas’! What is the profile of actress Park Hye-eun?

Photo = Actress Park Hye-eun’s Instagram (@parkhaeeun)

[공감신문] Reporter Kim Ki-won = Actress Park Hye-eun, who played the character ‘Sun’, is attracting attention while the tvN drama ‘Adamas’ is coming to an end.

In the drama ‘Adamas’, Sun (real name Yoon Seon) is the ace of Team A, a secret organization of the Haesong group. In the play, Sun is the younger sister of ‘Secretary Yoon’, and she has a rough personality who doesn’t know where to go.

Sun, who was demoted for sticking to a style of painfully killing the target more than necessary, is called back when the battle between the special version and Team A comes to the surface.

Photo = Actress Park Hye-eun’s Instagram (@parkhaeeun)

Park Hye-eun, who plays the scene stealer Sun, made her debut in 2020 with ‘Sung Ara’ in the Netflix series ‘Health Teacher Ahn Eun-young’.

Seong-ah, played by Park Hye-eun in ‘Health Teacher Ahn Eun-young’, is a person nicknamed ‘Jellyfish’ because of Oh Seung-kwon’s unrequited love.

She said that she tried on a school uniform for the first time through the work, lived in the United States, and came to Korea to act in 2018.

The public, who met Park Hye-eun through ‘Jellyfish’ in episode 1 of ‘Health Teacher Ahn Eun-young’, thought of Gyu-ri Jang of Fromis Nine and Yuu Aoi of Japanese actress, as they looked alike.

Attracting the public’s attention, she was also selected as the lead in Kakao TV’s original drama ‘Borrowed Body’, which is based on the Kakao Page webtoon ‘Borrowed Body’.

Park Hye-eun’s role in ‘Borrowed Body’ is ‘Waiting’, a mother-daughter who has a playful and lovely charm and does not miss the first place in both studies and sports.

Park Hye-eun will also appear in Wave’s first original content ‘Gentleman’, which will be released in the second half of 2022. ‘Gentleman’ will be released exclusively on Wave after being screened in movie theaters.

Meanwhile, last year, Park Hye-eun was embroiled in controversy over her acting ability when she stepped down from the female lead in ‘Happy Marriage’. The production team of ‘Welcome’ explained, “She has felt a lot of pressure to lead her drama as the main character of a big project drama.”

Since then, actress Park Hye-eun has continued her busy career, eroding controversy over her acting skills.

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