Athletics and archery players belonging to Gwangju win national medals

Athletics and archery players belonging to Gwangju win national medals
Athletics and archery players belonging to Gwangju win national medals

The 25th Gwangju Women’s University Chancellor’s Period Korea University Archery Competition was held with great success
19 universities nationwide including Gwangju Women’s University and Chosun University in Gwangju, 220 people participated
“I will do my best to revitalize archery”

Athletics and archery players belonging to Gwangju, won national medals (from left to right: Gwangju Women’s University coach Kim Seong, Kim Min-seo, Kim Jeong-yoon, Ansan, Park Na-yun, Choi Ye-jin, Oh Ye-jin, Lee Dong-min, Chosun University coach. From left to right: Yoo In-seon, Lee Jin-yong, Kim Jeong-hoon, Jinseo Chae, Wonju Lee)/Provided by Gwangju Sports Association

[현장뉴스=정영곤 기자] The Gwangju Metropolitan City Sports Association (Chairman Lee Sang-dong) announced that Gwangju athletes participated in various national competitions such as archery and athletics to deliver medals.

Lee Sang-dong, president of the Gwangju City Sports Council, said, “I am proud of the players from Gwangju who are showing their best performance in every tournament despite the hot weather.”

At the 33rd National Business Team Competition Athletics Competition held at Yecheon Stadium in Gyeongbuk Province on the 6th, the Gwangju City Hall team achieved achievements such as the men’s 100m and 200m championships, the women’s 100m championship, and the women’s 400m relay silver medal.

In addition, the ’25th Korea University Archery Championships’, held from the 15th, opened with about 220 athletes from 19 universities across the country, including Ansan, the world’s No.

Kim Min-seo (Gwangju Women’s University 4) advanced to the quarter-finals by defeating Kang Su-bin (Suncheon National University) 6-2 in the quarterfinals, but was caught by Im Si-hyeon (Hanche University), the winner of the women’s college individual event this time, and only got a bronze medal.

In particular, Ansan, the world No. 1 player in the world ranking, competed in the honor of her alma mater and set a tie record by shooting 359 points in the 30m, winning the gold medal and adding a bronze medal in the 70m. Minseo Kim (Gwangju Women’s University 4) also added a silver medal in the 70m.

As it was the last real stage ahead of the National Sports Festival to be held in Ulsan this coming October, the hottest battle unfolded than any other year.

In particular, Lee Sang-dong, president of the Sports Association, said in his congratulatory speech, “The Gwangju Women’s University President’s College Archery Tournament is a valuable event that leads the development of archery in Korea. .

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