‘Stalking Murder’ Jeon Joo-hwan plans to commit a crime a month ago…

‘Stalking Murder’ Jeon Joo-hwan plans to commit a crime a month ago…
‘Stalking Murder’ Jeon Joo-hwan plans to commit a crime a month ago…

Jeon Joo-hwan, a suspect in ‘Sindang Station Stalking Murder Case’, is being sent to the prosecution after being released from the Namdaemun Police Station in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 21st. Jeon Joo-hwan is accused of murdering himself and a station employee A, who was a motive for joining the Seoul Metro, in a bathroom inside Sindang Station on Seoul Subway Line 2 on the 14th. / Photography Foundation

Jeon Joo-hwan (31), the suspect in the ‘Sindang Station Stalking Murder Case’, was confirmed to have planned the crime a month before the incident occurred.

At a briefing on the 21st, the Seoul Central Police Station said, “Chun stated that he planned to commit a crime after August 18.” On the 18th of last month, the prosecution requested nine years in prison for Jeon, who was handed over to trial for violating the Stalking Punishment Act.

According to the police, before the crime, Chun visited the former residence of victim A five times over four days. Chun visited the former residence of Mr. A for the first time on the 5th of this month, once on the 13th and twice on the 14th.

A disposable sanitary cap and gloves were contained in the bag that Chun was carrying when he was wandering around A’s former residence. However, Jeon stated that “there was no knife in the bag.” Gloves were purchased online at the beginning of last month, and disposable sanitary caps were purchased around the 5th of this month near Gusan Station (Line 6).

During the police investigation, Jeon said, “I wanted to kill him, but I didn’t think I had to kill him in the bathroom, but I thought so at the scene.”

The police said that Chun did the crime by inquiring the victim’s workplace and working hours in advance, that he took the shower cap and gloves used at the time of the crime from home in advance, and that he installed a location information system (GPS) manipulation application on his cell phone. It was determined that Jeon had committed a planned crime in light of the facts that had occurred.

On the 14th, the police sent Jeon to the prosecution on charges of murdering a female station worker victim with a knife in a bathroom at Sindang Station on Seoul Subway Line 2 (retaliatory murder under the Act on the Aggravated Punishment of Certain Crimes).

Jeon, who came out of the Namdaemun Police Station detention center around 7:30 am that day, appeared in front of reporters without a hat and mask.

To the question ‘Do you admit that you illegally filmed and stalked the victim?’, he replied, “I’m really sorry.” Then, when asked, ‘Is there anything else to say other than that I’m sorry?’, he said, “I did something really crazy.” When asked, ‘Do you admit the accusation of retaliatory murder’, ‘Do you have anything to say to the victim,’ or ‘Do you have anything to say to the bereaved family?

Also, when asked if it was true that he was going to appear at the trial scheduled for the day after the crime, he answered, “That’s true.” As for why she tried to withdraw 17 million won from the bank before the crime, she said, “I was trying to give it to my parents.”

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