‘One Thousand Dollar Lawyer’ Director Kim Jae-hyun “No legal object, Namgoong-min’s adventure story”

‘One Thousand Dollar Lawyer’ Director Kim Jae-hyun “No legal object, Namgoong-min’s adventure story”
‘One Thousand Dollar Lawyer’ Director Kim Jae-hyun “No legal object, Namgoong-min’s adventure story”

[조이뉴스24 정지원 기자] A written interview with director Kim Jae-hyeon, who directed SBS’s most anticipated drama ‘One Thousand Dollar Lawyer’ in the second half of the year, was released.

SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama, ‘One Thousand Dollar Lawyer’, which will be aired for the first time on the 23rd, is an exhilarating defense action drama in which the fee is only one thousand won, and the skills are by far the best, and ‘God Rain Lawyer’ Cheon Ji-hoon becomes the most reliable back for clients who have no background. Namgoong-min, who has both acting skills and box office power, is receiving high expectations in that it is a new work that is being released by SBS in two years after the ‘Stove League’ syndrome.

‘A Thousand Dollar Lawyer’ Director Kim Jae-hyun Preview [사진=SBS]

The situation in which viewers are curious about Namgoong Min-pyo’s defense drama, which finally takes off the veil. Director Kim Jae-hyeon, who was in charge of directing, raised interest by introducing a drama called ‘Won-Won-Won Lawyer’ with a unique sense. Kim Dok said, “I once said to the editor, ‘We are a drama like kimbap oo.’ ‘Won-won Lawyer’ is not a Michelin star or a Korean beef dupe, but a drama like kimbap or ramen. . Actually, the taste I crave the most when I’m hungry. It’s like a bag of ramen that can be taken out of the cupboard at any time. I wanted to make that kind of food well.”

In addition, director Kim added, “I made it by throwing away the idea of ​​being a legal entity.” He said, “I thought, ‘This is not a legal piece. This is the adventure story of a quirky hero named Cheon Ji-hoon.’ So, I met the writers and suggested, ‘Let’s not go to court. Let’s stop talking about the law and talk about people.’ He said that he had the same idea. The law was not a law for me. The adventure story of an absurd and mysterious hero. That was the natural change I wanted to make,” he said, trying to differentiate it from other legal dramas.

On the other hand, director Kim showed deep affection and trust for actors including Namgoong-min. First of all, about Namgoong-min, “Senior Namgoong-min is very sensitive to the moods and attitudes of the people he works with. However, he is not shy about exchanging opinions and is confident in his assertions. There were times when we had disagreements, but I really enjoyed and enjoyed those processes. I wasn’t lonely. It’s reassuring to know that there are people who are thinking about the script, shooting, and editing together. One time, I was caught with Corona and filming was stopped. I was locked in the closet, checking the scripts and filming, and if something was going on, I called. When the staff is having a hard time, when the tension on the set goes down, Min-senpai leads the atmosphere without hesitation.” Also, “Senior Min has a passion like wildfire that is hard to get. That passion ignites the scene. The energy is so great that I get really worried sometimes. It’s so hot, it’s so shiny. It’s really cool,” he said. lifted up

Regarding Kim Ji-eun, he said, ‘An actress who can do any role very boldly’. Director Kim said, “To be honest, I didn’t know much about actress Kim Ji-eun. Me, the writer, and Namgoong-min senior and four of us were drinking beer while thinking about the female lead, Min-senpai strongly recommended it, and I was swept away by the feeling of ‘what if?’ I drank beer. I called right away. Usually, the decision to drink and drink is all or nothing, but this decision was the best out of all, “he revealed the secret behind the casting. He continued, “Kim Ji-eun, who has actually worked on it, is literally an ‘actor’. She is also an actress who can do any role with great confidence. Our script is open to ad-lib, but actress Kim Ji-eun really ran and played. He spews out things he was hiding. I was surprised. And his drunken acting is the best in the world. If Emina, Oscar, and Cannes had such a drunken acting award, this year, Ji-eun won the award. What is even more surprising is the alcohol I don’t eat. He’s a really great actor,” he said, raising expectations for Kim Ji-eun’s drunken acting.

Regarding Choi Dae-hoon, he explained that he was an ‘an actor who doesn’t need to say anything’. Director Kim said, “I met Choi Dae-hoon for the first time when I was an assistant director for a drama called ‘Thoracic Surgery’. When I watched the progress at that time, I always felt like, ‘Huh? The actor thinks beyond the script and thinks beyond the director. He is an actor who expresses ‘even holding a cup’ in a fun, pleasant and tense manner. I don’t know when or how he gets this thought. It’s much better than that. Working with Choi Dae-hoon, you can definitely feel what it’s like to put a spoon on the table he’s prepared for you. That’s why I cast it.”

Regarding Lee Deok-hwa, he expressed his closeness with the title ‘everyone’s brother’. He said, “Lee Deok-hwa has probably thousands of younger brothers in the drama world. He is like an older brother to all of us. He is so arrogant, but when he comes to the set, all the staff love him and die. After a few drinks, I called my mom and said, “Mom, I’m with Deokhwa.” And then I handed the phone to Deokhwa. The next day, my mom said, “Your son succeeded.” Who can play a character in Korea who has both overwhelming charisma and warmth at the same time? Take care.’ He is such a person,” he added, adding warmth.

Director Kim then said about Park Jin-woo, “Park Jin-woo is really the best reacter. I worked with Nam Goong-min and Kim Ji-eun a lot, but because of Park Jin-woo, there are a lot of cases where I burst out on my own. Behind the scenes, he gives very serious and humorous expressions, and that point is the core of Park Jin-woo’s comedy. When Cheon Ji-hoon and a hundred horses collide with maracas, Jin-woo’s acting captures the flavors that stick out like peanut sauce.” He further said, “This happened when I was in the midst of meeting Jinwoo Park for the casting. Tae-seop Han, who was co-directing ‘Stove League’ and is currently filming ‘Cheer Up’, called and asked if he could propose to Jin-woo senior as well. I lost an old friend. An actor I don’t want to lose to anyone.”

And about actress Gong Min-jung, “Nam Goong-min used this expression. ‘A person who plays with air’. Naturalness is very difficult, but Min-jeong expresses it as if it is really breathing. So, I try to ‘discover’ while watching Min-jung’s expressions. I liked the movie ‘Zombie Crush Heyri’ starring Min-jung Gong, and while watching that movie, I was like ‘and that actor’s work together. I wanted to try.’ I thought, ‘Is this acting or life?’ Sometimes I can’t tell if it’s a real laugh or a laugh, so I’m thinking about whether to cut it. I’m very curious about the chemical reaction that takes place,” he said, raising expectations for Gong Min-jung’s performance in the play.

Finally, director Kim introduced the charms and strengths of ‘a thousand dollar lawyer’. He said, “Chun Ji-hoon, Baek Ma-ri, Secretary General, Seo Min-hyuk, and Na Ye-jin. It will be very good to see the characters. It is a feast of very unique and lovely characters. A huge event, a conspiracy, a raging narrative, and many more stand out than these. I want you to see how he changes as he gets involved in various incidents.” Furthermore, “If there is anything else I wish for, the values ​​that we easily forget, the hope and courage we had in our hearts as a child. Like love and justice, childish but childish and precious things, those precious flowers hidden in the lush jungle of reality, through this drama. I hope that there will be an opportunity to explore. I hope that our drama will be sung at the playground where children run and play. I hope that it will be remembered as a drama that is easy, comfortable, and like a nursery rhyme that anyone can sing.” pulled up

On the other hand, the SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘One Thousand Dollar Lawyer’ will be broadcasted for the first time at 10 pm on Friday, September 23.

/ Reporter Jeong Ji-won ([email protected])

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