Gold price today, up 1.1% from a month ago

Changes in domestic gold price VS dollar exchange rate in one month

Today’s gold price rose 0.61% from the previous day to 328,000 won per 24K pure gold. According to the KRX Gold Exchange, gold prices rose for the fifth consecutive day. It is trading from 74,560 won per gram of pure gold five days ago to 75,580 won today. As of 4 o’clock, the trading value was about 2.6 billion won, and the previous day’s closing trading value was 2.8 billion won.

international gold price today

Changes in International Gold Market Volume / Source CME Group

For one week, the international gold price has risen from $ 1,670 to $ 1,680 per troon. According to the New York Mercantile Exchange, today’s international gold price is trading at $1,681 per troon. According to CME Group, the international gold trading volume was about 244,000, the same as the previous day.

The international silver price was $19.69 per troon, up 0.37% from the previous trading day. Copper fell 0.81% to $3.47 a pound.

The dollar index rose 0.01% to 111.12p. The domestic won-dollar exchange rate rose 4.50 (+0.32%) won to 1,410.50 won.

Changes in international futures volume

Changes in International Futures Volume / Source CME Group

Changes in International Futures Volume / Source CME Group

The previous international futures trading volume plummeted as if the US Federal Reserve’s base rate was expected to be raised by a giant step. As of the 19th, futures trading volume continued to rise slightly, but open interest showed a sign of slowing due to the aftermath of future interest rates. An open interest is like a contract to buy something in the future and can be canceled at any time.

World commodity prices fell daily. Compared to a year ago, the growth rate of natural gas fell from three-digit to two-digit. WTI crude oil was 82.8 dollars per barrel and Brent crude oil was 89.73 dollars, down 0.64% from the previous day.

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