Korea’s disgraceful cycle… Is it MBC’s public broadcaster? Is it a Democratic agency broadcast?

Korea’s disgraceful cycle… Is it MBC’s public broadcaster? Is it a Democratic agency broadcast?
Korea’s disgraceful cycle… Is it MBC’s public broadcaster? Is it a Democratic agency broadcast?

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[정성남 기자]On the 23rd, the National Solidarity for Fair Media (Steering Committee Chairman Cheol-ho Choi, hereinafter referred to as Gong Un-ryun) criticized the public broadcaster MBC, saying, “It seems that the public broadcaster MBC has gone beyond madness to scratch the president, and has gone mad.”

In a press release on the same day, the Gongeonryun said, “After the scuffing of the condolences to Queen Elizabeth II of England last week, this time in New York, the president is again frantic with the criticism.”

He continued, “The key is the word the president gave to his close aides as he walked out of the Global Fund’s 7th Financial Commitment Meeting Hall. The first part and the middle part are not clear no matter how many times I listen to it.” MBC, which recorded the situation at the time with these two inaudible parts, claimed the first part ‘XX’ and the middle part was the name of the President of the United States of America ‘Biden’. , ‘diplomatic disrespect’, etc., became news and spread throughout the country in an instant,” he pointed out.

He continued, “After the MBC report, the Democrats quickly repeated this content as if they had been waiting for it, and after announcing a statement every day, frantically calling it a diplomatic disaster, five broadcasters and internet media are carrying it in real time and expanding it in real time as if it were a military operation.” pointed out

Gong Eon-ryeon also said, “In the end, even the outside media who heard this news (or thought that a specific person may have intentionally delivered it) are also joining the ranks of this criticism.”

Regarding this, Choi Cheol-ho, chairman of the Gongeon-ryun Steering Committee, said, “Regardless of the facts, we believe that this kind of reporting is very shameful and disastrous, and we have no intention of arguing over a word or two in private conversation. It is inappropriate and wasteful to participate in the controversy over hearing this word properly by political parties, YouTube, and civic groups.”

He said, “Basically, the overseas trip of a president representing a country is a very important external activity for the benefit of the country. Therefore, it is a long-standing practice of world diplomats for the media to emphasize the positive side of their president to the world. If we want to approach it more objectively, news and current affairs programs should focus on who the president met on the international stage and what content was discussed, and what interests and meanings they have for the national interest and the people of the Republic of Korea,” he explained.

Choi continued, “Condolence diplomacy to the British king had to be approached from that perspective, and his address to the UN General Assembly in New York should have been that way. , the British side also commented that they are very grateful, but the Korean public media and the Democratic Party nevertheless took issue with the fact that the president did not visit the body based on their own factional interests rather than the achievements and meaning of condolence diplomacy. Regardless of whether the national dignity falls to the ground or not, the focus is on giving the president a disgrace.”

Chairman Choi said to MBC and the Democratic Party, “Then, when the president moved to New York to attend the UN General Assembly, the UN General Assembly remarks, reactions from other countries, the content of discussions and discussions with the heads of other countries, rather than the meaning and meaning of private meetings with aides in New York City. “It is deplorable to focus on arbitrarily distorting and reporting what was said,” he said, saying, “Which country are MBC and the Democratic Party of?

In addition, he criticized, “The MBC and the Democratic Party, which are leading the disgrace of the nation by forcing a private conversation to interpret private conversations according to their own taste, cannot be regarded as public broadcasters or public parties because the recorded sound is unclear and controversial.” did.

Chairman Choi also said, “Isn’t it not MBC and other public broadcasters and the Democratic Party who are throwing the national pride of the Republic of Korea, the 10th largest economy in the world, into a trash can, and putting the people to shame against the people of the world and leading the diplomatic disaster?” questioned

In addition, he added, “I wonder what kind of controversy MBC, public broadcasters, and the Democratic Party will bring up again and lead the disgraceful cycle of the Republic of Korea in Canada, the president’s next visit.”

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