What is the ‘cool world’ that the former Yakuza and murderer wished for?

What is the ‘cool world’ that the former Yakuza and murderer wished for?
What is the ‘cool world’ that the former Yakuza and murderer wished for?

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Former Yakuza Mikami was imprisoned for murder and was serving a sentence, but after 13 years, he was released as a middle-aged man. She heads for her hometown with inflated hopes, expectations and fears. At that time, Tsunoda, a novelist who outsources documentary filming for her livelihood, receives Mikami’s imprisonment record from her PD, and she approaches as if searching for his mother, trying to capture the image of her reformation. Meanwhile, Mikami finds a lawyer she has been helping for a long time and receives a livelihood protection application together.

Mikami, who is in a dangerous state due to high blood pressure, meets Tsunoda in the hospital to talk about herself. What I learned in prison seems to be useful. Then there are fights with the neighborhood gangsters downstairs. The problem is jobs. Finding a job is not easy because of being a former Yakuza and having been in prison for a long time. There are many things I can do with a driver’s license, so I’m trying to get it, but it’s canceled and I have to start over from the beginning, but it’s not easy.

Still, they try to help him. Lawyers and his wife, Tsunoda, civil servants applying for public welfare, and the local supermarket president do not stop helping him. The goal is to dispel preconceived notions toward him and help him adapt to society. However, the injustice keeps appearing in front of him, and it is difficult to ignore him. Will Mikami be able to get through it?

Director Miwa Nishikawa and national actor Koji Yakusho

The movie “Brave World” is the latest work by Nishikawa Miwa, a representative Japanese female director who has been directing good films steadily since she entered the film industry as a staff member of director Hirokazu Koreeda’s . In addition, it is said to be the first non-original screenplay by director Miwa Nishikawa Pilmo, based on the original novel by legendary Japanese novelist Ryuzo Saki, who won the Naoki Award for “Vengeance is Mine”. That means that the story and message of the original are good.

Japanese national actor Koji Yakusho, who is also well known in Korea for his role as Mikami, was with him, and if we were to say that, he produced works that could represent Japan in the 1990s and 2000s ( < Tokyo Sonata, etc.) In particular, she was the persona of the master Kiyoshi Kurosawa, and she appeared in many works (8 episodes).

As you watch the movie, the title of ‘The Wonderful World’ comes to you in a different way every moment, but it’s very profound. The world he expected, that is, the wonderful world, was not without injustice, but it would have been a world in which the belief that did not pass through injustice was recognized and right. However, those who actually help him both physically and mentally say that his beliefs are wrong. It must be a wonderful world with people who warmly welcome him, who served a long time in prison for murder, but what should he do if their beliefs about the wonderful world are wrong? It cannot but be in a state of alleviation.

‘A wonderful world’ that accepts Mikami

The first ‘Beautiful World’ shown in is a world formed by people who warmly accept, help, and take care of Mikami, a former Yakuza and murderer who has no place outside society or in the economy. After Mikami was released from prison, she was touched by the goodwill of many people, and she vowed to live a good life and was putting it into practice. How nice does this look?

However, it is highly probable that the good intentions of the people inside the society that form the wonderful world were expressed unknowingly. It is not intentional, but it is probably due to the instinct that they can become more comfortable if they regenerate the existence of the other side that is loitering in front of their eyes and incorporate it into the other side. The pride of reincarnating the bad guy must have worked as well.

Of course, since everyone does not want to regenerate the existence of the other side by expressing such good instincts, Mikami with such people will be quite happy, and it will be like an existence from another world that has fallen into a wonderful world. The problem lies in how they try to rehabilitate Mikami. She said that although Mikami was even a murderer in the Yakuza, when she saw injustice, she had an intolerable instinct and an unbearable belief, she said, in order to socialize, she had to close her eyes moderately to injustice and run away properly. That is. Does she mean that if she is to be properly incorporated into the wonderful world, that is, she has to be?

‘A wonderful world’ where Mikami’s beliefs are accepted

Here comes the second ‘Beautiful World’ that shows. A world in which when you see injustice, you push through your unbearable beliefs and say that you should do well with that image. If you ask any member of this society about injustice, they will usually say something like this.

“If you see injustice, you shouldn’t put up with it. But what if you don’t put up with it? Should I do the same? To be honest, I’m not sure.”

Yes. In fact, we tolerate injustice whenever possible. Because I don’t want sparks to come out and cause trouble. Thinking about the aftermath of fire. But Mikami is not like that. She accepts the injustice as it is, and takes it in without putting up with it. Naturally, a problem arises when a bultung is thrown at him, and he is in a position to take care of it.

It’s a wonderful belief that suits a wonderful world, but it’s hard to accept in society. What should Mikami do? She can’t do this or that, so what can she do? I think it’s something that not only Mikami, but many people are having a hard time with. In order to dramatize it, the film portrays a non-social figure as a former yakuza and murderer, but it is easy to find if you look around just once.

Is rehabilitation for socialization really the right thing to do? It is a must for a society that does it, but what about the individual who suffers? What does salvation mean to Mikami, is it socialized or going back to prison? It must be a difficult question for her.

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