Korean and American poets face the death of a loved one… The conclusion is

picture explanationHyesoon Kim and Forest Gander, Seoul International Writers Festival Opening Lecture

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Poet Hyesoon Kim (67) passed away her beloved mother in June 2019. She was the first Asian woman to win the Griffin Poetry Literary Award, Canada’s prestigious literary award, but her mother left him a week later.

Kim Hye-soon, thinking that it could be a solidarity of grief rather than healing individual sorrow, wrote a poem collection ‘If the earth dies, who will the moon orbit?’

The wife of American poet and translator Forrest Gander, who won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 2019, died suddenly in January 2016. She was Gander at the time she had been mourning for a year and a half and she could not write any sentences.

Then one day, a strong will to spit out any word suddenly springed up, and he wrote a poem, and presented a collection of poems ‘With’ with the heart of dedicating it to his wife.

At the opening lecture of the 11th Seoul International Writers Festival held at Seogyo Seoul Living Culture Center in Mapo-gu under the theme of ‘Woldam: Beyond Narrative’ on the 23rd, the two brought out painful memories of the past and wrote ‘mourning’ and ‘writing’. exchanged stories about their relationship.

Kim Hye-soon confessed, “The pain of mourning for a loved one was like interlocking death and labor.” She also said that she said, “The essence that I had, the essence was missing,” she said.

Gander said, “Everyone goes through sad things at least once, but there are times when grief that is difficult to describe comes.” said

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Hyesoon Kim, Opening Lecture at the Seoul International Writers' Festival

picture explanationHyesoon Kim, Opening Lecture at the Seoul International Writers’ Festival

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Kim Hye-soon remembered the time when she traveled abroad to read aloud with Korean-American poet Choi Don-mi, who translated “The Autobiography of Death,” the winner of the Griffin Poetry Literary Award, into English.

“Every time I met Poet Choi, I talked about my mother. Poet Choi always said to me, ‘What should I do because I’m pitiful?’ That was very comforting.”

“I wrote poetry in a new way as if I was vomiting. People who came up to me and sympathized with me or sent me a letter said, ‘You reflected my feelings so well’. It felt like a role.” (Gander)

Kim Hye-soon unraveled the aspects of events that occur in the course of writing poetry on this day, and Gander talked about the new possibilities, potential, and expandability of language through poetry.

The Seoul International Writers’ Festival, an artisan where domestic and foreign artists gather and exchange in one place, will continue until the 30th, with 19 events including artist talks, readings, and discussions.

35 writers from 9 countries put their heads together to see what role literature can play in moving toward ‘beyond’ over all boundaries such as genre and language and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Pulitzer Prize-winning Forest Gander Opening Speech

picture explanationPulitzer Prize-winning Forest Gander Opening Speech

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