iPhone 14 to be released in Korea on the 7th of next month ‘Pre-order, price, color, design?’

iPhone 14 to be released in Korea on the 7th of next month ‘Pre-order, price, color, design?’
iPhone 14 to be released in Korea on the 7th of next month ‘Pre-order, price, color, design?’

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As Apple’s iPhone 14 is released next month, there is a lot of interest every day.

According to the telecommunication industry on the 16th, the three mobile carriers, SK Telecom, KT, and LG U+, will make advance reservations for the iPhone 14 series for a week from the 30th to the 6th of October.

In response, SK Telecom will give away a Starbucks Ice Americano coupon to 10,000 participants in the iPhone 14 pre-booking notification.

It provides 5G untact plan subscription and T-gift benefits. Lotte Card cashback, 11st up to 180,000 won, W concept collaboration item proposals, etc. were also prepared.

Same-day delivery is guaranteed for SK Telecom 1st pre-booking notification participants only. The iPhone 14 will be delivered to the first 5,000 customers on a first-come, first-served basis.

KT will give away 3,000 won Naver Pay by lottery to 10,000 participants in advance reservation notification. In addition, 100 people will be drawn and given ▲Yogiyo 10,000 won voucher ▲GS25 10,000 won voucher ▲ E-Mart 10,000 won voucher.

Also, KT introduces ‘how to meet iPhone 14 first’. We plan to deliver iPhone 14 midnight (dawn) to pre-booking notification participants.

LG U+ will present Kakao Pay 1,000 won to all participants in advance reservation notification. Apple Watch 7 Hermes Edition (1 person) was presented as a major prize. Other prizes include AirPods Max Silver (2 people), Miu Miu Hobo Bag (1 person), and Wooyoungmi Flower Print T-shirt (3 people).

The domestic shipping price of the iPhone 14 series is △iPhone 14 1.25 million won △ iPhone 14 Plus 1.35 million won △ iPhone 14 Pro 1.55 million won △ iPhone 14 Pro Max 1.74 million won. Based on the starting price, the factory price has risen by up to 260,000 won (Pro Max). The factory price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max 1 terabyte (TB) model, which is the highest specification, was 2.5 million won, up 330,000 won (17.4%) from the previous model.

Apple is attracting attention by differentiating the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. The latest app processor ‘A16 Bionic Chip’ is installed, and the same A15 Biochip as before is applied to the basic and Plus models.

In addition, the ‘notch’ that left the upper camera part black disappeared after 5 years, and only the camera module part was equipped with a punch hole design in the shape of a pill.

The basic model including the basic iPhone 14 and Plus was released in five colors: △Midnight △Blue △Starlight △Purple △Red.

Meanwhile, from December, iPhone users are expected to be able to make simple payments with Apple Pay at all convenience stores, Starbucks, E-Mart, and Costco nationwide.

The official release date of the iPhone 14 is the 7th of next month.

The article is in Korean

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