Italian TV “Kim Min-jae’s ransom is 80 billion won, jumps 3.3 times… Hebicha soars 8 times” : Nate News

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(Xports News Reporter Kim Hyeon-ki) Reports came out that the ransom value of Korean defender Kim Min-jae, who is dominating Italy’s Serie A, is 60 million euros, slightly exceeding 80 billion won.

‘Italy Football TV (IFTV)’ on the 24th highlighted the rise of Napoli, which is leading the Italian first division Serie A in the 2022/23 season, and announced that the ransom of the players has jumped significantly.

Napoli has played 19 matches this season and currently has a record of 16 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss (50 points), and is running ahead of second place AC Milan by 12 points.

Recently, there have been reports that Napoli is under suspicion of manipulating accounts related to Victor Osimen’s transfer fee, but for now, it is quite close to winning the first division in 33 years since 1990.

Napoli also advanced to the round of 16 in first place after beating Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League group stage.

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In the midst of this, IFTV revealed that the ransom of Napoli players, including Kim Min-jae, has risen remarkably in the past five months.

Kim Min-jae was 18 million euros (24.1 billion won) in August of last year, but this month it rose 3.3 times to 80.4 billion won.

However, in the case of Kim Min-jae, since the end of last year, some media have reported that it exceeds 100 million euros (approximately 134.2 billion won), so IFTV’s estimate can be seen as conservative.

Hvica Kvarazhelia from Georgia, who is playing a key role in the Naples sensation, became 80 million euros (107.3 billion won), a ‘jump’ 8 times from 10 million euros (13.4 billion won).

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Osimen, who is leading the Serie A scoring team with 13 goals, jumped 160 million euros (214.6 billion won) from the previous 70 million euros (93.9 billion won).

Cameroonian midfielder Andre-Frank Jambo Angusha soared from 15 million euros (20.2 billion won) to 50 million euros (67.1 billion won).

Photo = Yonhap News, IFTV SNS

Reporter Hyunki Kim [email protected]

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