“I’m not a few years older than my son”… ‘Morning Yard MC’ with announcer Kim Soo-chan and Kim Jae-won


(Reporter Oh Seung-hyun, Xports News) Singer Kim Soo-chan delivered his first greeting as the MC of ‘Morning Yard’.

On KBS 1TV’s ‘Morning Yard’, which aired on the 26th, a ‘Happy Friday Couple Party’ corner was held. In the corner, Kim Soo-chan appeared as an MC and challenged the first public broadcaster.

Kim Soo-chan worked with announcer Kim Jae-won and showed perfect harmony from the first progress.

Kim Soo-chan said, “Both of us have good visuals. I think you’ve been watching warm scenes from the morning.”

Announcer Kim Jae-won praised Kim Soo-chan, saying, “I was surprised. Mr. Soo-chan is taller than I thought.” In response, Kim Soo-chan said, “Unfortunately, my height appears on the screen a bit short.”

Next, announcer Kim Jae-won added, “In fact, (Kim Soo-chan) and my son are only a few years older. I will try hard.”

On the other hand, , hosted by Kim Soo-chan, is full-fledged with a pleasant confrontation and sincere talk that blows away weekday worries with happy entertainment industry best friends in this era of more terrifying solitude as we get older, and therefore more desperate for relationships. It’s a showdown talk show corner.

Photo = KBS 1TV broadcast screen, Xports News DB

Reporter Oh Seung-hyun [email protected]

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