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[사진출처=드라마 ‘소방서 옆 경찰서 그리고 국과수’]

[한국강사신문 정헌희 기자] Episodes 11 and 12 of the SBS Friday-Saturday drama will be broadcast today at 9:50 pm on the 8th (Fri) and 9th (Sat). The viewership rating for the last 10 episodes was 6.5% (Nielsen Korea). The highest viewership rating was recorded in episode 1, which recorded a viewership rating of 7.1% (Nielsen Korea).

The 12-episode drama is about the fire that catches fire, the police that catches crime, and the National Forensic Service that catches evidence! It is a story about upgraded cooperation in the face of an unprecedented and unprecedented incident.

The cast includes Kim Rae-won (as Jin Ho-gae), Son Ho-jun (as Bong Do-jin), Gong Seung-yeon (as Song Seol), Seo Hyun-cheol, Kang Gi-dung, Ji-woo, Baek Eun-hye, Woo Mi-hwa, Jeong Jin-woo, Lee Woo-je, Son Ji-yoon, Yang Jong-wook, Lee Hwa-jeong, Cho Seung-yeon, and Lee Do-yeop.

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In the last 10th episode, there was a heated debate among viewers due to the shocking ending where the caravan where Jin Ho-gae (Kim Rae-won) was in exploded, and the fate of the show was unknown. In relation to this, before watching episodes 11 and 12 of ‘The Police Station Next to the Fire Station and the National Forensic Service’, which is one day before the final episode, let’s check out the ‘Last-minute viewing points’ that are must-reads.

△The strongest villain Dex = Kim Rae-won revealed by Jeon Seong-woo, is he really dead?

In episode 10, it was revealed that the final villain Dex that Jin Ho-gae was chasing was Han Se-jin (Jeon Seong-woo), a forensic scientist commissioned by the National Forensic Service, causing a stir. Jin Ho-gae and Jin Cheol-jung (Cho Seung-yeon) observed the autopsy of Ma Jung-do’s (Jeon Guk-hwan) body, and Han Se-jin, who was performing the autopsy, concluded that the foreign substance that came out of Ma Jung-do’s stomach was salt, but Jin Ho-gae found conclusive evidence of ‘murder’ in the salt. The discovery of ‘potassium’ caught the tail.

Jin Ho-gae, who then found Matthew Tae-hwa (Lee Do-yeop), who had disappeared, threatened to call Dex, and when Matthew’s life was in danger, Han Se-jin suddenly ran in, causing tension. And at that moment, Jin Ho-gae recalled words such as ‘America’ and ‘doctor’ left by Matthew and Han Se-jin’s actions so far, and realized that Han Se-jin was ‘Dex’.

However, while Han Se-jin admitted with a cool smile that he was Dex, a moment later the caravan the two were in exploded, heightening the sense of crisis. Moreover, a body was later discovered at the scene, creating an ominous atmosphere. After learning of Dex’s identity, questions arose about Jinho-gae’s fate, whether he had truly died.

△Can the rampage of the strongest villain Dex be stopped with the cooperation of So Gyeong-guk?

With the cooperation of the fire department, police, and National Forensic Service, Jin Ho-gae traced Matthew Tae-hwa’s whereabouts after discovering that Yang Chi-young (Cho Hee-bong)’s mysterious death was due to a ‘kidney transplant’, and Kang Do-ha (Oh Eui-sik) secretly brought the ‘kidney’ that was secretly brought into the National Forensic Service’s autopsy room. We went after the producer of ‘Body Bomb’. In particular, the robber made a beeper using a board inside ‘Body Bomb’, and after confirming that the number left on the pager was an address on the ‘dark web’, he secretly attempted to contact the ‘Body Bomb’ maker and narrow down the investigation net.

In the end, Kang Do-ha realized that even the explosion of the caravan was designed by the producer of ‘Body Bomb’ and told this news to Gong Myung-pil (Kang Ki-dung), but he was too late. Will the fire department, police, and National Forensic Service complete the perfect ‘triangle’ cooperation in the face of Dex’s rampage, who pretends Ma Jung-do’s murder is a completely natural death and is also skilled in making explosives that can blow up everyone? Attention is being drawn to the cooperation between the ‘national invincible’ and ‘invincible’ countries.

△What is the cartel’s counterattack related to the shantytown arson incident 10 years ago?

Lastly, Baek Cham (Seo Hyeon-cheol), who was chasing the truth about the ‘shantytown fire incident 10 years ago’ at the request of Dok Go-sun (Woo Mi-hwa), gets a hint from the ‘burnt fire shoes’ written in the statement given by Dok Go-sun and finds the remains in the fire shoes. They achieved the feat of finding ‘direct evidence of arson.’ In addition, Baek Cham, who was suspicious that even the Central District Prosecutors’ Office was dispatched while the investigation into Dok Go-sun’s professional negligence was in progress, told the prosecutor, who was about to roughly conclude the investigation, that the cartel involved in the ‘shantytown redevelopment issue’ could not be free from the ‘shantytown arson incident’. The pinch gave me a sense of exhilaration.

Moreover, at this time, Judge Song Jae-jun (Lee Jeong-heon), who received a call from the Central District Prosecutors’ Office who was investigating Dok Go-sun, recalled his past bad relationship with Jin Ho-gae, creating anxiety. Attention is focused on whether Song Jae-jun, a cartel under the law and Jin Ho-gae’s ill-fated lover, will use this as an excuse to launch a counterattack to overturn the ‘shantytown arson incident 10 years ago’, a development that cannot be predicted at all.

The production team said, “With the 11th episode to be aired on the 8th and the 12th episode to be aired on the 9th, the brilliant epics of Season 1 and Season 2 of ‘Seaside View’ come to an end.” They added, “The final two episodes will show an imagination that goes beyond the stories that have been developed so far.” He said, “A huge event that cannot even be imagined appears. Please do not miss the final story to see how the ‘Side View’ series will end.”

▣ Characters in the drama ‘The police station next to the fire station and the National Forensic Service’

Kim Rae-won [사진출처=드라마 ‘소방서 옆 경찰서 그리고 국과수’]

Detective “Jinho-gae” aka Jindo-gae, a lieutenant on the Taewon Police Station’s detective team. Double major in law and psychology.

“The world needs a crazy dog! “A crazy dog ​​can catch a crazy dog!”

A legend who, after being appointed to the Gwangsoo Unit, even uncovered unsolved cases and achieved an arrest rate of over 118%. His nickname is the Jindo dog, a natural monument (not a national treasure) that activates his hunting instinct when he sees criminals, catches clues with his animal-like sixth sense, reconstructs the crime with his genius investigative sense, and ends up handcuffed.

Hogae was demoted from Gwangsu University to ‘Taewon’ on the outskirts of Seoul! At the joint response site, they face off against the firefighters next door who they first encounter… The people at Taewon Fire Station who often barge in without warning with their sirens blaring! Thanks to this, the future of the demoted Jindo dog becomes even more unpredictable!

Son Hojun [사진출처=드라마 ‘소방서 옆 경찰서 그리고 국과수’]

Son Hojun [사진출처=드라마 ‘소방서 옆 경찰서 그리고 국과수’]

Bong Do-jin, fire extinguisher “Bong Do-jin” aka bulldozer, Taewon Fire Station fire extinguisher ‘Fire Bridge’. Gwan Chang-su. He is also serving as a fire investigator.

“Bulldozers in the field, tricycles in normal times! “He’s naive and salty, and he’s nice because he’s kind… A clean area, a 100% harmless man.”

Flashing over 20kg of riot gear! A man with steel stamina who jumps into the fire. Seeing him like that, his colleagues nicknamed him ‘Bulldozer.’ However, that is just what it looks like on the field. In reality, he is a good person and has a generous personality.

What I like the most is fire, and what I know best is fire, so in addition to putting out fires, I also work as a fire investigator. In addition, he is a talented person who studied ‘fire engineering’ and ‘forensic engineering’ and earned master’s qualifications as a professional fire investigation investigator. He said that physical strength is also a skill for firefighters when he is not on call, and is also the ‘Bong Chef’ of the Taewon Fire Station, preparing late-night snacks with his brilliant cooking skills that give off a ‘fiery taste’.

Songseol [사진출처=드라마 ‘소방서 옆 경찰서 그리고 국과수’]

Songseol [사진출처=드라마 ‘소방서 옆 경찰서 그리고 국과수’]

Gong Seung-yeon, paramedic “Song Seol” aka Songsa-ri (by Ho-gae), Taewon Fire Station paramedic ‘Firefighter’. Former operating room nurse (PA).

“I promise! “I show up to work on time and leave work alive.”

It is not a romantic prayer like ‘Please help me save my life…’. I’m just praying that I can do my best. Romance is useless in an unpredictable scene where countless lives are extinguished and burning. Too often, when we witness the death of others, we realize that we too do not know when we will die, and we cannot guarantee even tomorrow. So even if Seol dies today, there will be no regrets!!! I decided to live frugally every day.

Seol’s unstoppableness and toughness like a giant stem from this. In addition, Seol is a warm-hearted and infinite Ojirapper who only gets angry when he makes sure that the patient he transports leaves the hospital safely.

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