“Visit 6 out of 7 days”… Hollywood actor who ‘eats pork belly alone’ in Prague

[SBS연예뉴스 | 전민재 에디터] Hollywood actor Mads Mikkelsen was caught eating alone at a Korean restaurant in Prague and became a hot topic among netizens.

On the 17th local time, a photo of Mads Mikkelsen was uploaded on the SNS of a Korean restaurant located in Prague, Czech Republic, along with the words “Thank you, Hollywood actor for visiting us many times.”

In the photo, Mads Mikkelsen was wearing comfortable clothes and wearing an earphone in one ear, leaving a certification shot with the restaurant staff.

Earlier, on the 15th, an overseas netizen posted a ‘study of eating alone (eating alone)’ on SNS, saying that Mads Mikkelsen was watching a video on her cell phone while grilling pork belly on the grill and eating it alone.

At the time, netizens showed reactions such as “Is Mads Mikkelsen right? It’s pork belly?”, “Why is this real?”, and “Mas Mikkelsen also uses earphones to watch videos when eating alone.”

Netizen A, who identified himself as a restaurant employee, said, “(Mas Mikkelsen) visited a total of 6 times over 7 days, 5 times for lunch and 1 time for dinner. Among them, 3 times with other friends, 3 times for dinner alone.”

Mr. A also shared the food he ate, saying, “Samgyeopsal, soybean paste stew, kimchi stew, pork feet, ribs rice bowl, bulgogi rice bowl, japchae, sundubu stew, sweet and sour pork.” “After lunch yesterday, I said ‘See you’. It seems like you will come again.”

Looking forward to Mads Mikkelsen’s return visit, Mr. A later commented, “It seems that we like Korean food more than the food at our restaurant is delicious.”

Mr. A added that Mads Mikkelsen is currently in Prague to shoot the movie ‘King’s Land’, so he frequently visits the restaurant.

When the restaurant staff’s reviews were added, domestic netizens responded, “The menu is really good”, “Heaven awaits you when you visit Korea”, “If you go for 6 days, you are a regular”, “Look at breaking the menu stamp”, etc.

Mads Mikkelsen is a Danish actor who has appeared in the drama ‘Hannibal’, the movie ‘Fantastic Beasts and Dumbledore’s Secret’, ‘Casino Royale’, ‘Doctor Strange’ and ‘The Hunt’.


(Photo = Prague restaurant Instagram, Twitter capture, still cuts from the movie ‘Doctor Strange’ and ‘Fantastic Beasts and Dumbledore’s Secret’)

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