“There was no contact and it was a manipulation” Hari-bin refutes the position of ‘High School Dad 2’

“There was no contact and it was a manipulation” Hari-bin refutes the position of ‘High School Dad 2’
“There was no contact and it was a manipulation” Hari-bin refutes the position of ‘High School Dad 2’

[티브이데일리 김종은 기자] ‘High School Dad 2’ cast Hari-bin refuted the position of the production team again.

On the evening of the 22nd, Haribin shared the official position of the production team through her Instagram story, expressing her uncomfortable feelings.

On this day, Haribin said, “‘We didn’t intend to do that, and frankly, there was an exaggeration, but you didn’t ask for it to be corrected. Still, I’m sorry that you were offended.’ In the end, even asking my grandmother for a recipe for stir-fried squid was just a phone call to her husband. It’s ridiculous.” He said in anger and added, “There is no contact from me saying that I will contact you.

This is a position that refutes the official position of the production team, and on the same day, the production team said, “The controversy over manipulation broadcasting is not true” when Hari-bin insisted on malicious editing of the program.

The production team said, “Before we film our daily life for the broadcast, we spend a long time talking with the ‘godling-umpa’ family, and after the meeting, we continue to share the filming content and proceed with the production. We are doing everything we can to fully reflect the situation and be a positive help to their lives after the broadcast.” He emphasized, “When the ‘Going Umpa’ cast members meet with the MCs during the studio recording, the production team watches the broadcast together with the cast. In this episode, I ask the performer to confirm whether there is anything to modify. Again, in this episode, during the recording process, Hari-bin said that the conversation with her grandmother came out as if she was talking to her husband. There was nothing,” he explained.

Nevertheless, he said, “It happened due to a misunderstanding between the two sides during the production process, and if there was any part that hurt the performers and their families, we deeply apologize for that. We will do our best to resolve misunderstandings and conflicts in the future. will,” he said.

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