Lee Young-ji was eliminated from ‘Show Me 11’ but “I must have been too pathetic” tears

Lee Young-ji was eliminated from ‘Show Me 11’ but “I must have been too pathetic” tears
Lee Young-ji was eliminated from ‘Show Me 11’ but “I must have been too pathetic” tears

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The trailer for ‘Show Me the Money 11’ has been released.

The preview video for Mnet’s ‘Show Me The Money 11’ released on October 11 contains the triumphs and joys and sorrows of the new journey to find ‘NEW ONE’ of Korean hip-hop.

In particular, one participant said, “I am happiest when I rap”, but the reviewers who returned were harsh. Producer The Quiett, who can be said to be a living witness of ‘Show Me the Money’, properly informed the direction of this season with a quick phrase, “Those who enjoy it, stop enjoying it. Now is the time to show it.” JUSTICE also agreed with the evaluation, “Isn’t it necessary to have something that can overcome (the past)?”

Then, a stage that surprised all the judges appeared, and The Quiett commented, “It feels like a star was born” and Slom said, “I felt that it was a new generation”, raising expectations for the birth of a new generation of hip-hop.

This season’s most talked-about contestants, who were mentioned as powerful talents, also took off their veil through the trailer. From Dun Malik, who can be said to be the starting point of the hip-hop diss, to the appearance of Take One, the reclusive master of the hip-hop scene, expectations are rising for the performances of the named rappers who have been named in Season 11. In addition, some of the pictures of Justice This and QM (QM) reunited in ‘Show Me the Money 11’, who have been entangled in diss battles in the past, are also in the preview, so there is a lot of interest in how to solve them on the air.

At the end of the notice, the hottest MZ generation icon and the winner of ‘High School Rapper 3’, Lee Young-ji’s tears, crossed a video that seemed to imply that he was eliminated. In the scene that followed, Lee Young-ji said, “I must have been too pathetic,” and showed her tears, raising her curiosity. The video garnered a warm response when it surpassed 1 million views in just one day after it was released on YouTube. Expectations for the first broadcast of ‘Show Me the Money 11’ are also rising. First broadcast at 11pm on the 21st. (Photo=Mnet ‘Show Me the Money 11’)

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