Another government document found in Biden’s private residence… FBI, 13-hour search and seizure

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The Associated Press reported on the 21st that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) seized and searched US President Joe Biden’s sister-in-law for 13 hours and found additional classified documents. Analysts say that as President Biden, who has reached the halfway point of his term, is caught up in the “risk of leaking documents,” a dark cloud has fallen over his re-election challenge next year.

● 6 additional confidential cases discovered through pressurization of sister-in-law

President Biden’s personal lawyer Bob Bauer said in a statement that day that the FBI had secured more than six documents marked “confidential” as a result of a seizure and search of the president’s sister-in-law in Wilmington, Delaware. Some of the documents were written during President Biden’s tenure as a senator from 1973 to 2009. The other documents were produced between 2009 and 2017, when he served as vice president in the Obama administration. President Biden and his wife approved the search and seizure, but did not directly attend.

The fact that government documents from the past vice president days were found in President Biden’s private office was first disclosed on the 9th. Then, on the 12th and 14th, additional classified documents were found at the sister-in-law of Wellmington. On the 19th, President Biden said, “I have no regrets about not disclosing this fact even though the confidential document was first discovered in a personal space in November of last year. It will soon become clear that there is nothing (to matter).”

President Biden’s side emphasizes that they are actively cooperating with the investigation by the judicial authorities. Former President Donald Trump was also seized and searched for his sister-in-law in Mar-a-Lago in Florida last year on suspicion of leaking documents. Attorney Bauer said on the 21st, “I suggested that (the FBI) ​​quickly access the sister-in-law so that the investigation can proceed as quickly as possible.” White House Attorney Richard Sauber also said on the same day, “The president takes this matter seriously, so he promised to deal with it responsibly from the beginning.”

● According to a poll, 64% of the public said “Biden is inappropriate”

However, as classified documents are newly discovered every day, criticism comes from not only the Republican Party but also some of the Democratic Party. Senator Dick Durbin said on CNN on the 22nd, “This should not happen,” and “an elected official (president) must be held accountable.” The Washington Post (WP) pointed out that “President Biden and his aides were clumsy in handling sensitive data and set a bad example for the officials in charge,” and “we have to abandon our defensive attitude and admit that it is something we regret.” Public opinion is also unusual. According to a poll of US citizens conducted on the 20th and 21st by ABC Broadcasting and Ipsos, a polling agency, when asked if they believed that President Biden handled classified documents inappropriately during his vice president days, 64% of respondents said “yes”. replied. When asked if they thought former President Trump handled classified documents appropriately, 77% answered “no”.

Foreign media reported that President Biden will begin his re-election challenge in earnest in 2024 after his State of the Union address on the 7th of next month despite the controversy over the leaked documents. In this regard, NBC Broadcasting reported on the 23rd that President Biden would drastically change the White House staff next month, starting with White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein. With this in mind, it is interpreted that he is trying to prepare for a re-election challenge in earnest with his existing staff. However, it is reported that there is no minister leaving the cabinet. NBC predicted that “the Biden cabinet is exceptionally stable” and that “it is expected to maintain the status quo for the time being.”

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