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Trump again: Biden is behind in all major opinion polls

Trump again: Biden is behind in all major opinion polls
Trump again: Biden is behind in all major opinion polls
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President Joe Biden, who is seeking re-election in the US presidential election held in November next year, has been shown to be behind former President Donald Trump in all major opinion polls.

It is rare to see an incumbent president being pushed aside by his rival like this.

Reporter Gong Yun-seon reports.

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CNN reported that in recent opinion polls from five major sources, including CBS News, CNN, and Fox News, President Joe Biden’s approval rating was 2 to 4 percentage points lower than former President Trump’s approval rating.

NBC also reported that President Biden’s approval rating was 44%, 2 percentage points behind former President Trump, in a virtual poll of 1,000 registered voters across the United States over a five-day period starting on the 10th.

Although it is within the margin of error, it is rare to see an incumbent president losing to his rival in all major opinion polls.

According to CNN, in most opinion polls about a year before the U.S. presidential election over the past 80 years, the incumbent president was ahead by a little more than 10 percentage points.

Analysis suggests that President Biden’s struggles are due to his age, currently 80 years old.

A poll earlier this month found that 71% of voters in the six states President Biden won said he was too old to be an effective president.

This is nearly twice the number of voters who responded this way three years ago.

On the other hand, former President Trump is 77 years old and has less aversion to serving as president than President Biden.

In addition, there is analysis that a division has arisen within the Democratic Party as President Biden’s policy of supporting Israel, which is currently at war with Hamas, has been criticized by progressive figures.

This is Gong Yun-seon from MBC News.

The article is in Korean

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