Israel Hamas truce is imminent. When will the announcement be made?

Israel Hamas truce is imminent. When will the announcement be made?
Israel Hamas truce is imminent. When will the announcement be made?
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A temporary ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas is said to be imminent.

However, while there is still no news that the negotiations have been concluded, Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip are becoming more intense.

Correspondent Son Ryeong covered the obstacles to negotiations.

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Smoke rises from all over the villages in the Gaza Strip.

Tanks bomb all over the building.

While negotiations for a ceasefire and hostage release continued, Israel’s ground attacks expanded throughout the northern Gaza Strip.

Even though the details of the negotiation plan are coming out, Israel is still replacing its official position with a hard-line response.

There is a difference in temperature from Hamas’s statement that it has delivered details of the agreement to Qatari mediators and has almost reached a ceasefire agreement.

The negotiation plan was also detailed.

The plan is to gradually exchange 10 Israeli hostages for every 30 Palestinian prisoners.

If the deal goes as planned, 300 Palestinian prisoners in Israel, mainly children and women, and about 50 to 100 Israeli hostages will be released.

In addition, there is a provision that food, fuel, and medical support will be allowed into the Gaza Strip during the five-day humanitarian ceasefire period.

The question is whether to include military personnel.

Israel is demanding that when the hostage is released, his family must also be released.

However, Hamas is said to be in the position that soldiers cannot be included in the release list, even if they are family members of hostages.

Even if Israel accepts the deal, it is likely that the scale of attacks will increase after the hostages are released.

In fact, immediately after meeting with the hostage families, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “Rescuing hostages is the highest and sacred mission,” but drew a line, saying, “We will not stop fighting until Hamas is destroyed and there is no longer a threat to the Gaza Strip.”

Even if it is a temporary measure, it is meaningful if it achieves some humanitarian purpose.

However, there are concerns that more victims will occur in the future if both sides fail to take a step back and make a major, fundamental decision.

This is Son Ryeong from MBC News in Paris.

Video coverage: Lee Yoo-kyung / Video editing: Lee Sang-min

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