Argen Millais speeds up “privatization of all public enterprises” the day after being elected

Argen Millais speeds up “privatization of all public enterprises” the day after being elected
Argen Millais speeds up “privatization of all public enterprises” the day after being elected

Argentina’s President-elect Javier Millais (53), who succeeded in changing the government by defeating the left-wing ruling party amid severe economic difficulties, announced on the 20th, “I will privatize all state-owned and public enterprises that can be transferred to the private sector.” The day after he was elected, he started a race to speed up the implementation of the ‘minimum government’ he had pledged. Public media and state-run energy companies were even named as targets for privatization.

In an interview with local radio station ‘Mitre’ on this day, President-elect Millais said of the public broadcaster TV Publica, Radio Nacional, and news agency Telam, “TV Publica has become a mechanism for (the regime’s) propaganda,” and “(the regime’s) covert propaganda.” “We will not continue this practice of having a propaganda department,” he said. “The same goes for Radio Nacional,” he added, “and of course Telam News Agency.” He directly mentioned the media subject to privatization and expressed his will to sell.

Earlier, on the 15th, during the election process, when the Liberty Forward Party, to which President-elect Millay belongs, mentioned the privatization of public media, the public broadcasting union protested, saying, “It is contempt for the freedom of the press and workers.”

President-elect Millais also expressed his intention to push for the privatization of the state-run oil company YFP and the state-run energy company Ennar. Established in 1907, YPF is a public enterprise in charge of most of Argentina’s fuel sector, including oil, electricity, and natural gas, and employs 100,000 people. It was sold to a Spanish company in 1999 due to the economic downturn, but was repurchased by the Argentine government in 2012. President-elect Millay said, “After the nationalization of YPF, performance has deteriorated and corporate value is gradually falling,” and “(the governance structure) needs to be improved.” After these remarks were made public, YPF’s stock price on the New York Stock Exchange soared more than 43% at one point during the day. According to Bloomberg News, this is the highest since trading began in 1993.

Millay, a former economist with an extreme liberal tendency, was elected with the concept of ‘minimum government’ to resolve economic difficulties and government ills. The policy to reduce the number of government ministries from 18 to 8 and privatize state-run and public enterprises follows this policy.

In addition, President-elect Millay again announced his intention to abolish the central bank and use the dollar as legal currency. He said, “Empirical evidence shows that if we reduce the money supply now, it will take 18 to 24 months to eliminate (inflation),” and added, “Abolishing the central bank should come first, and then Argentines will be able to choose their currency.” CNN predicted, “No country the size of Argentina has ever handed over the reins of its monetary policy to the United States,” and added, “If it adopts the dollar, it will push Argentina into an unknown world.”

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