“KIA is a senior who will be responsible for more than 10 years”… The Super Rookie’s Mistake is Taxes

“KIA is a senior who will be responsible for more than 10 years”… The Super Rookie’s Mistake is Taxes
“KIA is a senior who will be responsible for more than 10 years”… The Super Rookie’s Mistake is Taxes

▲ KIA Tigers Doyoung Kim ⓒ Reporter Kwak Hyemi

[스포티비뉴스=창원, 김민경 기자] “He is a player who will be responsible for KIA for more than 10 years.”

Kim Jong-kook, manager of the KIA Tigers, talked about rookie infielder Kim Do-young (19) ahead of the Changwon NC Dinos match on the 22nd. On the 21st, Kim Do-young made a mistake that directly led to a 2-11 defeat in the Gwangju LG Twins match. In the 3rd inning against 0-0, in the crisis of 2 companies 1st and 2nd base, 3rd baseman Doyoung Kim made a catching error with Chae Eun-seong’s ground ball, and 2nd base runner Park Hae-min ran to home and lost the lead. Then, when he gave a three-run run to Oh Ji-hwan in a timely manner, the game went 0-3, leading to a helpless ninth consecutive loss.

Kim Do-young’s face hardened after making a mistake. It was a harsh situation for a rookie as the team made a mistake that was directly linked to defeat in a situation where the team was on a losing streak.

But the commander left Kim Do-young on the ground. This is because he thought he paid the ‘tax’, which is often referred to when raising rookies who can see buds. Manager Kim said, “I’m a rookie. I made mistakes at important moments and conceded, but anyone can do it. In my experience, if a player makes a mistake and removes it from the game, he loses confidence. stated his convictions.

He continued, “After the mistake, I ran until the end of the game and did not even hit a triple. I think it will get better if I keep running and adapt. .

Kim Do-young was the biggest fisherman who was evaluated as a five-tool infielder since his days at Gwangju Dongseong High School. He was even called ‘the second Jong-beom Lee’. KIA granted Kim Do-young’s hand after contemplating over Kim Do-young and Moon Dong-ju (19, Hanwha), ace of Gwangju Jinheung High, ahead of the first rookie nomination in 2022.

From the spring, Kim Do-young has stood out and made KIA fans flutter. In the demonstration game, he wielded a batting average of 0.432 (19 hits in 44 at-bats), two home runs, and five RBIs, making him inflate his dream of producing a rookie of the year for the second year in a row following the first pick, Lee Ui-ri (20) in 2021. Kim Do-young’s quick feet and bold judgment, which dig into gaps and go one more base, added to the fun of watching KIA baseball.

The momentum of spring did not continue into the regular season. Due to physical limitations, it is not easy for rookie beasts graduating from high school to adapt to the 144-game system from their debut season. He batted .234 (50 hits in 214 at-bats), .74 OPS, 3 homers, 18 RBIs and 13 errors in 94 games this season. Compared to the high school rookie king beasts who dominated the KBO league right after his debut, such as Kiwoom Lee Jeong-hoo in 2017 and KT Kang Baek-ho in 2018, his record leaves a lot to be desired.

The commander gave a thumbs up saying that Kim Do-young is growing well, step by step. Coach Kim said, “(Kim) Doyoung joined late due to Corona 19, so there is a feeling that the first button was wrong, but he is a player who will be responsible for KIA for more than 10 years. It will help the game grow bigger. A player who can become a representative franchise star.”

The rookie did not repeat the mistake. On this day too, he started as a third baseman and played a stable defense that relieved the burden on the pitchers’ shoulders. KIA was able to beat NC 3-1 and get out of the swamp of 9 straight losses thanks to starter Hyun-jong Yang, who ran 5 innings and 1 run despite elbow pain, and Socrates, the 5th hitter, wielded 3 hits and 2 RBIs in 4 at-bats.

After the game, Yang Hyun-jong expressed his gratitude, saying, “The defenders (including Kim Do-young) caught the hitting bats and showed a focused defense.

Kim Do-young is quietly walking toward a better next year than this year, and 10 years to grow as a shortstop leading the KIA infield.

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