“Lee Jun-seok is a person who stays within the bounds of the ruling party even if he dies soon” : Shin Dong-ah

Having tasted victory in the presidential election as the party leader six months ago and watched the local election three months ago, I never imagined that I would meet him in a country house in Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do just three months later. What brought him here? How is he staying here? Those who criticize them as ‘cancerous beings’ that caused riots within the party, while those who criticize them as ‘the future that came first’, are revered as the next-generation leaders. What on earth is ‘controversial figure’ Lee Jun-seok, former representative of the People’s Power, thinking? On September 7th, I met him in a quiet village in Chilgok-gun, about 20 minutes by car from Seodaegu Station. The interview, which started at 1:00 PM, lasted four hours until 5:00 PM. The total length of the interview article reached 86,042 characters. He did not hesitate to express his thoughts. He hurled his answers to any question like a quick-fire.

Lee Jun-seok, former representative of People’s Power. [박해윤 기자]

What is the reason for Lee Jun-seok’s politics?

“To make a world where ladders are alive.”


“Just as my parents, who moved to Tokyo from a provincial area, settled in Sanggye-dong, Seoul, raised a family of four, increased the number of apartments and raised their children well, it is to maintain a society with infinite possibilities for growth.”

For professional politician Lee Jun-seok, what is politics?

“It is to have the ability to accurately solve the problems of the times.”

What goals did you set in June of this year, one year after you took office?

“How much more advanced policies will we take (for the people)? Through the Innovation Committee, I thought about how to accelerate party innovation.”

Cancer vs. the future that came first

sagging now.

“It has become impossible to carry out the task that I dreamed of 100 days ago.”

Why are you fighting legally against the party?

“We need to correct the distorted politics. The problem that the People’s Power is experiencing stems from the absence of a commander.”

Does that mean there is no head quarter to lead the party?

“For the 600,000 army to play its role, it must be supported by the roles of not only general-level officers, but also commanders at all levels, such as consul-level, consul-level, and non-commissioned officer-level roles. But now, are there officers at the rank of commander-in-chief or lieutenant-level officers in the power of the people? Apart from the ability to carry stars, there are only appealers and followers who want to carry stars. Does the first election or the chairman of the Party Association have the capacity to lead an independent unit that can make rational decisions in the middle? It’s like the Japanese military during the Pacific War when there was only a command policy and no command-and-delivery system in place.”

Where do you think the greatest responsibility lies in the continued dissonance and redness of the people’s power?

“When something goes on for a long time, people say, ‘You are a bad guy, I’m a bad guy too’ and it flows into Yangbi theory, but now you can watch this situation hourly. March presidential election victory, June 1 local election victory. This was the heyday of the people’s power when the party’s approval rating exceeded 50%. It is now coming down from the apex. We need to carefully analyze the situation we are in in the national elections.

People continue to acquire skills as a means to achieve what they want to do. The same goes for politicians. There is a world I want to achieve through politics. To do that, you need to win an election. I have to lead the party I belong to to win the election. However, our party members rarely communicate with the public.

For example, who would you meet while walking around a legislator with a constituency in Yeongnam doing activities in the constituency? You get information from a highly biased group. The people you meet and listen to are people who watch conservative YouTube. We have no choice but to accept that worldview as it is. So this time, there was a skit that made me laugh.”

what kind of skit?

“(August 26) The injunction was cited, so I attacked that the judge was from the Korean Law Research Society. No media at the time reported that. ‘Lee Bong-gyu TV’ is the only one that contains that content. If you look at our party members, this is also the case. I filmed a specific journalist on a specific broadcasting station and said, ‘That’s the left,’ and he doesn’t appear. They think they exclude the press, but in my view, it is a process of being excluded from the world.”

Ex-CEO Lee seemed to have a lot to say about the People’s Power lawmakers in Yeongnam, who are politically comfortable (?).

“The goal was to create 180 seats for the power of the people.”

What is the primary goal of Lee Jun-seok’s politics?

“My personal goal was to win the general election next year in Sanggye-dong (Nowon-gu, Seoul). The election enough to win Lee Jun-seok in Sanggye-dong is when the conservatives win 180 seats. The only time a conservative candidate was elected in Sanggye-dong was the 18th general election. At that time, Rep. Hong Jeong-wook and Rep. Roh Hoe-chan, a powerful candidate, faced each other, and the Democratic Party candidate was in a three-way battle, and Congressman Hong won. Sanggye-dong is the place where conservative candidates are elected only when such a structure is established. Lee Jun-seok’s plan to change the party with the goal of winning the election in Sanggye-dong is basically the view that the people must create a party that wins 180 seats. However, lawmakers with constituencies in Yeongnam are elected even if our party falls below 100 seats. The political philosophy of a person who becomes a politician in such a place and a person who is elected only by winning 180 seats is inevitably different.”

Don’t you go ahead alone and go together while taking care of those who are following you?

“As soon as I take it with me, it is impossible to achieve my personal goal (elected in Sanggye-dong) or the party’s goal of 180 seats.”

why do you see that

“I refuse to change. When the Innovation Committee suggested that the PPAT, the basic qualification test for public office candidates, be expanded to members of the National Assembly, they all opposed it. If you ask the public for or against the introduction of PPAT through a public opinion poll, more than 80% of them are in favor. But I (members of the National Assembly) don’t want to do it.”

Lee Jun-seok, former representative of the People’s Power, a ‘controversial person’ I met at a country house in Chilgok. [박해윤 기자]

“Is the situation the responsibility of both parties?”

The approval rating for President Yoon Seok-yeol for performing state affairs fell to the 20% level within three months of his inauguration.

“I should have pushed forward with symbolic promises such as ‘a soldier’s salary of 2 million won’ and ‘abolition of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family’ at the takeover committee. But I didn’t do that. Even if I did that, the first thing I subtracted was that the ball went to Lee Jun-seok.”

Do you think so?

“Does taxes go into the abolition of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family?”

There is a problem that the National Assembly has to pass the Government Organization Act… .

“It is another matter to submit a government organization law to the National Assembly and fail because it is blocked by the opposition. Which government in the world doesn’t make amendments for fear that the Government Organization Act will not be passed? Even if it’s a female soyadae situation, the government organization law is passed because it’s a honeymoon period. If you don’t let it go, you can attack with it. They should have held local elections while pushing ‘that huge opposition party says the government will work, but won’t even let the government organization law pass’. But for some reason, why did this government not enact the Government Organization Act? Who was the chairman of the acquisition? Since the chairman of the takeover is what he is doing, he probably didn’t even make a government organization law. He was broken while arguing amongst themselves.”

How do you see the situation at the time?

“Who should have made the government organization law? The takeover committee was supposed to make it, but it didn’t. The succession committee should have made the top 100 tasks, but the contents are missing. Reading it, there is nothing. It’s twisted from there. Ahn Cheol-soo recommended 8 of the 24 transition committee members, but 0 was recommended by the party president. There was no communication channel between the transition committee and the party leader.”

Did a representative pass happen?

“It’s not about passing, it’s about exclusion. There was no structure of communication itself.”

Could it be that there was no communication channel with Ahn Cheol-soo, chairman of the acquisition committee? At the time, Yoon Seok-yeol was not with the elected candidate.

“What are you discussing with Ahn Cheol-soo? There is no reason to do it.”

Do you think the current situation is caused by a lack of misunderstanding or respect for the role between President Yoon and President Lee?

“I don’t like bisexuality. I have no involvement in the president at all. If I had mentioned 10 people I worked with for a long time, I would have listened to at least one person. However, not a single person has asked for greetings to avoid burden. I have no reason to ask you to do something you don’t like, and I don’t think it’s right to do it. And he never used an anonymity for the president. He made no objectionable comments. I was so careful. But if we take the current situation as the responsibility of both parties, it feels strange from my point of view.”

“The first appearance of Yoon Hak-kwan was when he served as a presidential candidate in a jjokbang village”

Do you see that Yoon Hek-kwan had an affair between President Yoon and President Lee?

“I think that[Yun Hak-kwan]helped the president understand politics and shape the worldview.”

what worldview?

“This is one of the things I remember. He said he would win the local election and set up an innovation committee. ‘Setting up an innovation committee’ is an action. However, there were great interpretations of it. I was also surprised to hear it later.”

what interpretation.

“There is only one reason why I raised the Innovation Committee. We wanted to preoccupy the image that we are leading reforms than the Democratic Party despite a landslide victory in the local elections. That was my political goal. However, there were a lot of misunderstandings by the Yunnuclear officers.”

any misunderstanding?

“At the time of the innovation committee announcement, I would recommend the chairperson, so the top members told me to recommend one innovation committee member. It was announced with a safeguard that I was not trying to form and lead the innovation committee alone. But the presidential office understood that ‘Lee Jun-seok is trying to seize the nomination’. It was me, but without the process of asking ‘why did the innovation committee float?’, I interpreted it that way. If you had asked me at that time, I would have said something like, ‘The innovation committee is active for at most two to three months, and my term is at most one year. .”

In this passage, former CEO Lee introduced an anecdote of a misunderstanding with President Yoon ahead of the presidential election.

“It happened during the presidential election. I asked Rep. Seo Byung-soo, the most-elected member of the party, to chair the presidential election preparations. After Rep. Seo assumed the main responsibility, he discussed with the committee members and set up a schedule for volunteer work in the jjokbang village with the presidential candidates. It’s not my idea. However, what surprised me at that time was an article from a key official of Yoon Seok-yeol’s side, ‘What is the representative, come and go, one of the candidates’. That was when the so-called ‘Yunhakwan’ first appeared. I wondered how much distortion[the Yoon Hak officials]had to make to make the candidate think and act like that.”

At the press conference on August 13th, Yoon Hee-kwan and Yoon Hee-kwan’s appeal were separated.

“Yun Hak Kwan is actually people to whom the president has delegated some of the governing authority, and Hosoin is a person who wants to become Yoon Hak Kwan.”

delegated authority?

“For example, it was made to exert hegemony in personnel or a specific area. Some officers are evaluated to be dealing with the Party, some officers dealing with the President’s office, and some officers dealing with the police. To the extent that it can be seen that people have delegated certain roles of government… .”

“Yoon Sang-hyun is different from Samsung family members”

Recently, Rep. Yoon Sang-hyun was referred to as a ‘new nuclear powerhouse’. In the absence of Kwon Seong-dong and Jang Jae-won, do you expect that Yoon Sang-hyun will play the role?

“Rep. Yoon Sang-hyun is different from the Samsung family members.”

Do you expect that if Rep. Yoon plays a role, the conflict between President Yoon and President Lee can be resolved?

“More than that, how Rep. Yoon demonstrates his political power is more important. Rep. Yoon’s (political) and organizational skills are far superior to those of Yoon Hak-kwan so far.”

There aren’t many lawmakers who appreciate Lee’s ability highly… .

“Because he is so (skillful), he will look completely different. Yoon Hek-kwan is doomed to live on food falling from above, but Rep. Yoon is ambitious. During the presidential election, the president tried to entrust Rep. Yoon to a fairly important position at the level of the president of the election. But at that time, the nun-nuclear officers were in an uproar and it didn’t happen.”

There are very few lawmakers in the party who can be called pro-Lee Jun-seok.

“If you want to talk about the lack of communication with lawmakers, you have to talk about it after there is a space to do it. In politics, there are only two factions, the giver and the giver.”

Lee Jun-seok is not the person to be nominated?

“It is because there is another person who seems to be nominated under the current circumstances. But I am sure You won’t be nominated by that person.”

Before the election, there are voices criticizing President Lee by discussing the matter of giving up his position as president of the election and heading to the provinces. It is a criticism of whether the party leader in charge of the party should act like that, no matter what happened.

“People named Yun Hak-kwan kept beating me with anonymous interviews. They continued to spread false facts by mobilizing the YouTube channels they exerted influence on. He made up countless words to attack me when I was still. For example, Lee Jun-seok doesn’t attack the Democratic Party, but only shoots inside? this is completely false Conversely, if you ask a Democratic Party person, ‘Lee Jun-seok’s attack was the scariest. I couldn’t see anyone else,’ he said.

Former CEO Lee said, “I know very well who was at the center of the attack while spreading false information about me to the conservatives.” He said, “I don’t think I know who managed YouTubers in the last election. I don’t think you know who ran the network headquarters,” he said. He added, “I know who the insider gunner is since November during the last election, and who worked to bring down the party leader.”

“If Lee Jun-seok is removed, will the female approval rating increase?”

Are those people Yoon Hee-kwan?

“At that time (November of last year), from the perspective of the Yoon Hak officials, there must have been a perception that they had to hold a local election as soon as the presidential election was over because they would win the election. It was that they had to somehow bring down Jun-seok Lee to eat local elections.”

The so-called ‘runaway case’ was dramatically closed as Candidate Yoon and former CEO Lee embraced at the general meeting of the National Assembly held for the resolution of the representative resignation on January 6th. However, he later recalled that “something difficult to understand” happened.

“(The President) said that he would run the election while setting up a field bed and staying at the company. But, ironically, for a month after that, the space for the field bed was not used.”


“I shouldn’t have looked at what they were doing in the past.”

Lee Jun-seok was excluded from the predecessor?

“There were a lot of things I had to hide from Lee Jun-seok. He had to hide things like who was judging who came and went. I don’t know? Hear everything.”

Within 100 days of his inauguration, the approval rating for President Yoon’s state affairs fell to the 20% level.

“I don’t seem to know who the person who picked me was. It completely failed to figure out who the 10%, which was on top of the original conservative’s 40% approval rating, was. Of the 100 people, 40 were selected because they were conservative candidates, and about 10 were selected compared to Lee Jae-myung, but I don’t think they know what they have and judged that way.”

Isn’t it the MZ generation that comes to mind easily?

“Since last year’s by-election for Seoul mayor, the 2030 generation (with conservative support) came in. But it turned into concrete, so I set it to a constant. Not at all… . Because Lee Jun-seok was divided because the relatively small number of 2030 women were selected, after taking follow-up measures, I imagined a nonsensical idea, ‘Then, if Lee Jun-seok is removed, the 2030 women’s approval rating will increase’. It would be foolish to think that just by removing Lee Jun-seok (the 2030 female approval rating) can be raised. But it actually does it. So now there is no gap between men and women. Men and women dislike equally. Who created this absurd situation? They are fools.”

Is that idiot the so-called Yoon Hak-kwan?

“There is a Yoon Hakkwan Plus.”

Still, it won the presidential election and the local election, didn’t it?

“That was when I was carrying a gun.”

What is the reason for the decline in approval ratings for performing state affairs even after winning two national elections?

“Any government changes the name of a ministry to look new. However, it was skipped on this takeover committee. There is only one reason. Talking about the abolition of the leisure department is dangerous. Female vote falls. Who would do such a stupid analysis? These are people who can only make political judgments like that. The main reason the current government is dying is that it has not changed the government organization law.”

Isn’t the analysis too Lee Jun-seok-centered?

“We have to look at what is unusual compared to previous governments. The idea of ​​excluding Lee Jun-seok was in my head until the first important cornerstone of the nation was laid.”

Isn’t that a megalomaniac, a paranoid of damage?

“The basic principle of not changing the government organization law and not even touching the leisure department is clear. I put a lot of message input saying that we need to target women’s votes. Ultimately, it is a matter of logic. Even after winning the presidential election, I was the only one who attacked in the two weeks after the election.”

What advice would you give us when we need to raise the approval rating again to secure the power of government?

“I will talk when I can do the part. I’d rather not do it because I can react like a tree frog to what I say.”

What do you think is the biggest problem facing the Yun Seok-yeol administration?

“The president has no confidence.”

rationale for seeing it that way.

“‘Lee Jun-seok’s press conference was busy, so I couldn’t watch it. Jae-myung Lee, I’m busy with the investigation, so I don’t know.” It doesn’t make sense. It would have been the first thing to be reported if the chief political officer was working. When I talk, I don’t get a good reaction, so it’s like, ‘I shouldn’t talk about it’. When the text message from Cherry Bong came out, I had nothing to say if I pretended to be big and cool, saying, ‘I was angry for a while, but I don’t usually think like that’. But I don’t have the confidence to do that. It’s a defensive stance.”

“Lee Jun-seok is a person within the ruling party’s borders even if he dies soon.”

If the driving force for government is weakened due to the decline in the approval rating in the women’s and soyadae situation, wouldn’t it become a crisis of the Republic of Korea as well as the president’s crisis?

“Your evaluation of the president depends on how you are improvising.”

Temporary change?

“What is set as a national task is difficult to reflect in the evaluation of the president because the result comes out long after. However, how does the president and the government react when the Sewol ferry and Corona break out? (Evaluation) varies a lot depending on such crisis management ability and situation response. In this regard, the Yun Seok-yeol administration should further develop its crisis management capabilities. If it’s a small crisis that has recently been revealed, it’s like ‘Cherry Tabong’. Even if Lee Jun-seok dies soon, he is still within the bounds of the ruling party. But that person became the protagonist. “If you lose to a child, it will be over.”

It’s not a competition, it’s a partnership… .

“I was quietly writing a book. But why are you suddenly saying that you must kill me and go to the rank of lieutenant? That’s because I can’t afford it. He said, ‘Somehow (the text message) was leaked, and I was a little embarrassed, but I don’t think so.’ Is there anyone who will say ‘it’s over’? none. I can’t afford that.”

Let’s change the topic to the opposition. The Democratic Party elected Jae-myung Lee. Is the power of the people an opportunity or a crisis?

“A person named Jae-myung Lee has the ability to fly high. He has an instinct to score goals because he is a person who has risen to the enemy without any faction. Dangerous. I don’t know if the defense will be good, or who will do it. He has no striker to score goals.”

In response to the investigation into Lee Jae-myung, the Democratic Party is fighting against the proposal of the Special Prosecutor’s Office Act, Kim Gun-hee.

“It was exposed that when I hit Ms. Kim Gun-hee, I react the most painfully. I think it will actually work.”

When was the last time you communicated with President Yoon?

“The last time I met President Yoon was on June 12, when I said I didn’t meet him in the presidential office.”

Former People's Power Representative Lee Jun-seok is staying in a country house in Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do. [박해윤 기자]

Former People’s Power Representative Lee Jun-seok is staying in a country house in Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do. [박해윤 기자]

“You can’t take it because it’s the knife you pulled out.”

Are you willing to meet and talk to the president in person?

“none. A good thing is a good thing and it shouldn’t end. There is no reason to meet if (the president) remains as he once thought about the many things that Yoon Hek-kwan did wrong. If you think that ‘Lee Jun-seok is a bad guy and he was a gunman,’ he has to run the government according to that idea and take responsibility. He came out of nowhere with a knife out of the blue. If it was the knife that the shovel was pulled out, and if the stylist was really castrated, then that sword should also disappear. But you can’t take it because it’s the knife you pulled out. If there is even a slight intention to change the situation and there is an awareness of the problem, you can collect (the knife you took out) together while castrated Yoon Hee-gwan. The starting point of the current situation is the perception that ‘Lee Jun-seok is an internal shooter’ as he himself revealed.”

Provocative allegations of ‘sex payment’ and ‘sexual entertainment’ have been raised.

“I think he coined a great term with political intent. I am denying that fact from the very beginning.”

Have you never received any entertainment?


Suspicion has spread

“A lot of things are connected. Isn’t there some kind of memorandum written by the chief of political affairs? The term ‘memorandum’ itself was coined by someone.”

Not a memorandum, but an investment agreement?

“When you say it’s a memorandum, doesn’t it suddenly look gloomy? Even if I explain it all right now, the other side will talk according to that (the suspicion).”

Kim Seong-jin, who claims to have provided sexual entertainment, must be very resentful.

“I last saw him in 2014 and I didn’t see him.”

Isn’t Garosero Research Institute’s claim that ‘sexual entertainment’ is mentioned in the statement of Kim Seong-jin?

“A person named Kim Seong-jin has never made such a statement to the prosecution.”

Then, what is the statement of testimony that Ga Se-yeon revealed?

“These are the statements made to the prosecution by those who claim to have been deceived by Mr. Kim. It is said that Mr. Kim (sex entertainment) was doing things like this with their money invested. Now in prison, what we hear about Mr. Kim is only the claims of the lawyers who interviewed him. If he says ‘no’ just because he did something 9 years ago, he says he did it 8 years ago and it’s just a mix of words. And then we put the content together.”

Before the truth of the allegations was revealed, the Central Ethics Committee decided to suspend party membership for six months. Do you accept disciplinary decisions?

“Of course I didn’t admit it, so I didn’t dispose of it.”

Disposition is something.

“(Discipline) Enforcement.”

Do you think your representative authority is still in effect because you haven’t taken action?

“I think so.”

“The answer is to gather a lot of party members”

I am encouraging you to join the party… .

“Since becoming the party leader, I have worked very hard to increase the number of party members. Parliamentarians must be nominated every four years, but party members continue to accompany the party. In the future, the influence of members of the National Assembly and the chairman of the Party Association will not be large at the national convention. Recruiting a lot of party members is the answer.”

Are you trying to get re-confidence according to the will of the party members?

“It’s up to you to do it. Without all these upheavals, I wanted to focus on Sanggye-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul after finishing the party representative. But suddenly it turned me into a fighter. What’s even more absurd is that they get caught while sending text messages, so it’s even more absurd to do it as a solution (switch to non-captain). It’s not like there was any additional change, but it’s funny because they bought each other and blamed it on me.”

Are you running in the next general election?

“You should run for office.”

Since I’m down in Chilgok, there is talk of whether I’m running for office in Daegu or Gyeongsangbuk-do.

“I said no at a press conference in August. If you were going to do that, you would have done it 10 years ago.”

Are you running for the next election?

“I feel deeply that the President of the Republic of Korea must not be ignorant of the shouts. I went to Ukraine because I wanted to develop those skills. It is the realm of intuition that shouts. It’s a matter of being responsive to whatever happens. I don’t need to see the world too dichotomous, but I think the part about who our friends are is the core of diplomacy. Diplomacy to not be enemies to everyone and diplomacy to make friends are two different things. Shouting is an area where you can’t go forward unless you put in an active effort. So if you don’t look at it on purpose, you can’t see it well. So I try to be active and study a lot.”

Shin Dong-ah's October issue.

Shin Dong-ah’s October issue.

Shin Dong-ah October 2022

The article is in Korean

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