“I’d rather have an affair…” ‘Mr. Youngae’ Kim Hyun-sook, the real reason for divorce from ex-husband revealed

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Kim Hyun-sook, who broke the marriage after 6 years of marriage, is drawing attention by mentioning the reason for the divorce. His shocking remarks that the wind would have been betterEven Kim Hyun-sook’s ex-husband is being re-examined.

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Kim Hyun-sook, who touched viewers’ hearts with her sincere appearance in the recent single mom’s parenting entertainment ‘I Raise’, divorced in 2020 after 6 years of marriage and is currently raising her 8-year-old son alone.

On August 30th, Kim Hyun-sook released a trailer for YouTube’s ‘Strange Women’ on his Instagram with the caption, “Security of ‘Strange Women’ is guaranteed.

The YouTube channel ‘Strange Sisters’ is a free program that provides counseling for those who are considering divorce, including actor Kim Hyun-sook, who has been there once, Lee Ji-eun, a divorce lawyer, and Han Jae-won, a divorce counselor.

Photo = YouTube 'Strange Sisters'
Photo = YouTube ‘Strange Sisters’

Contrary to Lee Ji-eun, who mainly meets people who want to divorce, Jae-won Han, who meets people who do not want to divorce, asked what kind of counseling he usually offers.

To this, counselor Han Jae-won answered, “Infidelity, personality differences, sexless, and family problems are the most common.” Kim Hyun-sook, who heard this, said, “I was not even the wind. It would have been better if I had cheated,” she said.

In response to Kim Hyun-sook’s comment, lawyer Lee Ji-eun said, “That’s the cleanest. If she’s having an affair, she’ll be like, ‘This isn’t it’ without a second thought,” he agreed.

Photo = YouTube 'Strange Sisters'
Photo = YouTube ‘Strange Sisters’

At the same time, lawyer Lee Ji-eun said, “I tell people who are thinking about divorce not to do it. It’s not yet time. She says it has to be in English.”

Kim Hyun-sook asked the standard of ‘Younggeul’, and lawyer Lee Ji-eun said, “If I don’t do it, I feel like I’m going to die.” Kim Hyun-sook said, “Then I did it in English. She couldn’t speak English, so the fruit was about to burst,” she said, making the situation laughable.

She continued, “Isn’t it difficult in both marital relationships? I was divorced, but I kept getting counseling,” she said.

photo = online community
photo = online community

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun-sook married her ex-husband Yoon Jong on July 12, 2014. Kim Hyun-sook and Yoon Jong are both 44 years old, born in 1978, with an age difference of the same age.

In the past, Kim Hyun-sook grew up with a single mother and had a complex about her family environment, so she had preconceived notions about marriage.

After marriage, Kim Hyun-sook appeared with her husband and son in ‘Taste of Wife’ and showed a sweet daily life, earning the envy of netizens. While she appeared on TV several times to show her harmonious family life, she shocked many people by announcing the news of her divorce from her husband, Yoon Jong, after 6 years in 2020.

photo = MBC
photo = MBC

At the time of the divorce, Kim Hyun-sook did not specify the reason for the divorce, saying, “It is difficult to tell because the other person has privacy.” Her son is said to be raised by Kim Hyun-sook alone.

However, “I have nothing to say (I have a lot to say, but I will not). The decision has been made and the divorce is in the final stages. It is easy,” he said, followed by this remark, so it is speculated that there may have been some inconsistencies in many parts.

In addition, she recently posted on her Instagram, “I hated posting pictures like this,” and said, “I had to work even when I felt like I was going to die for 25 years of running without a break. Now that I’m a mother, I can’t rest anymore… ,” she said, posting a picture of her being hit by a ringer.

Photo = Kim Hyun-sook's Instagram
Photo = Kim Hyun-sook’s Instagram

He continued, “I love my child, but it’s hard for me too… Always parents… In particular, as a single mother, I love my child, but in the midst of a very difficult time, I have an ambivalent feeling of guilt… Let ’s take a break while we can rest We ~Let’s live~~”, raising fans’ concerns.

Kim Hyun-suk is a South Korean actor, after divorce, appeared on JTBC’s ‘Brave Solo Parenting – I Raise’, and recently made a special appearance on tvN’s ‘Welcome’. She is scheduled to air in the second half of this year, and she is scheduled to appear in the KBS2 drama ‘Curtain Call’.

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