2023 Global e-Sports Camp introduces Korean e-Sports to the world

2023 Global e-Sports Camp introduces Korean e-Sports to the world
2023 Global e-Sports Camp introduces Korean e-Sports to the world
Data provided – Korea e-Sports Association

The 2023 Global Esports Camp successfully concluded its 4-day schedule with the closing ceremony on the 26th (Fri).

The Global Esports Camp has been held every year since 2019 to systematize the global esports talent training program and strengthen Korean esports expertise and global competitiveness. This year’s Global Esports Camp was held in Seoul, hosted by the Korea e-Sports Association (KeSPA) and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. About 40 people from 5 countries including Korea, Taiwan, Spain, England and China participated in the camp.

This global e-sports camp program was intended to introduce the advanced infrastructure of Korean e-sports to participants and experience Korean history and culture. ▲The PR ambassador exchange program included a talk show and mini-tournament by streamer ‘Ambition’ Kang Chan-yong and Tekken player ‘Jeonthing’ Jeon Sang-hyun, and ▲tours to major Korean game companies such as Nimble Neuron ▲Experience domestic e-sports events such as Eternal Return ▲Gyeongbokgung Palace A tour of Korean attractions and traditional culture experiences ▲LoL park and other Korean e-sports attractions and exchanges of domestic e-sports players were also held.

In particular, on the 25th (Thursday), an e-sports scientific training program was held. The scientific training for e-Sports provides lectures on the scientific system used in e-Sports, such as physical and psychological conditioning, meditation, and data analysis at the Korea Institute of Sports Policy and Science, and experiences of training equipment such as reaction speed and eye tracking. introduced.

A participant from the British team said, “I thought this global e-sports camp was a good opportunity to learn about Korean e-sports, so I participated. Various programs were conducted, but the visit to the LoL park, which I really wanted to visit, was memorable, and it was scientificized. During the training experience session, it was nice to be able to experience the training equipment firsthand,” he said.

In his opening remarks, Cheol-Hak Kim, Secretary General of the Korea e-Sports Association, said, “Global e-Sports Camp is a program designed to promote cultural exchange through e-sports, provide opportunities to experience Korea’s advanced e-sports infrastructure, and increase solidarity among the global e-sports community. I hope this camp will be a good opportunity to broaden the knowledge of e-sports to the participants.”

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