“Indiscriminate assault until you lose your mind” Kim Hye-soo revealed the shocking reason for losing her younger brother

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Actor Kim Hye-soo’s younger brother, actor Kim Dong-hyun (48), was sentenced to a fine for assaulting his brother-in-law. The level of assault is mind-bogglingIt is known that he was, and attention is focused on him.

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On March 15, 2022, SBS Entertainment News reported that Kim Dong-hyun received a summary penalty of 2 million won in fines in December of last year for injuring the head and neck of a 45-year-old brother-in-law A (45).

The whole story started with Kim Dong-hyun introducing an interior designer to his brother-in-law. According to the report, when Mr. A protested against the construction of the interior contractor introduced by Mr. A, Kim Dong-hyun made abusive and threatening remarks over the phone.

A month later, I visited Mr. A’s home in August of last year and hit Mr. A’s neck and head several times at the entrance.

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As a result of Dong-hyun Kim’s assault, Mr. A was diagnosed with serious injuries such as cerebral hemorrhage, nasal bone fractures, and cervical sprains at the hospital.

A’s side told the media, “The victim suffered from severe systemic arthritis due to a severe immune disease, so he committed such merciless injuries that he lost consciousness in front of his 70-year-old mother-in-law, who resisted even knowing that it was not easy to counter the assault. Far from apologizing, he is showing a non-reflecting attitude.”

She continued, “My mother was also very shocked. I’m worried that Kim Dong-hyun will come again,” he added.

In addition to the assault charges, Mr. A filed an additional complaint against Kim Dong-hyun on charges of intimidation and house trespassing, and the police forwarded the case to the prosecution in January.

Kim Dong-hyun’s rebuttal, “Trying to hit my pregnant wife”

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Kim Dong-hyun countered the claim of his brother-in-law A, who said that he was unilaterally assaulted. Kim Dong-hyun claimed that it was a two-way assault.

In response, Kim Dong-hyun refuted the claim, saying, “I was usually in conflict with my brother-in-law for interior construction, but the brother-in-law pushed his mother who stopped him and tried to beat his wife, who was in the early stages of pregnancy.”

In addition, regarding the allegation of intimidation, he said, “While we were talking on the phone in an intense situation, I asked ‘Are you a gangster?

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Kim Dong-hyun also wanted to apologize to Mr. A, but he said that he could not apologize because he avoided contact.

However, Mr. A refuted Kim Dong-hyun’s claim again, and the position between Mr. A and actor Kim Dong-hyun was sharply divided.

According to SBS, Mr. A stated, “My brother wasn’t even out at the time of the assault, and Kim Dong-hyun was assaulted unilaterally, wielding assault despite his mother’s reluctance.”

Photo = SBS Entertainment News
Photo = SBS Entertainment News

He continued, “All of the conversations I threatened a month before the assault were recorded on my phone. Kim Dong-hyun has never apologized so far, and I’m still angry because he’s still consistent with lies.”

In addition, Mr. B, the mother-in-law of Kim Dong-hyun and the mother of Mr. A, released a handwritten statement on SBS Entertainment News.

Mr. B said, “I said ‘don’t come into the house,’ but the son-in-law pushed in and assaulted my son, and he did not stop and hugged him. ‘ and then I hurriedly took my son-in-law and went home. My son never pushed me or tried to hit his sister.”

Photo = SBS Entertainment News
Photo = SBS Entertainment News

In the midst of a workshop without any concessions, Kim Dong-hyun’s reputation fell due to this incident, and the current situation has not been reported.

Meanwhile, in the news of Kim Hye-soo’s younger sister, most netizens are referring to “Kim Hye-soo deserves a stoppage”. In 2019, on a radio broadcast, actress Kim Hye-soo’s mother revealed that “I borrowed a total of 1.3 billion won under Kim Hye-soo’s name and are not paying it back.”

When acquaintances revealed the real name of Kim Hye-soo’s mother and became controversial, Kim Hye-soo wrote an apology letter saying, “I have already cut ties with my mother 8 years ago.”

photo = online community
photo = online community

At the same time, Kim Hye-soo’s mother already had a financial problem a decade ago, and she confessed that she was living in a shabby apartment complex despite filming the movie , which reached 3 million viewers in two weeks to solve it. It made people feel sorry for them.

In addition, in an interview with ‘Cine 21’ in 2006, Kim Dong-hyun, who was jealous of her mother’s excessive protection and care, said, “I want my sister to die.” It’s that food” and “It seems that the son resembles his mother a lot”.

Meanwhile, Kim Dong-hyun, who was born in 1974 and is 49 this year, made his debut in the entertainment industry in 1994 as an exclusive advertising model for Lotte.

Photo - KBS2
Photo – KBS2

Kim Dong-hyun is the second younger brother of Kim Hye-soo, who is currently appearing as the main character in the tvN drama ‘Shuruop’, and has been working on various works such as MBC ‘Mangane’s Golden Age’ and tvN’s ‘Blue Tower Zero’.

Also, in 2017, he appeared as actor Song Jae-hee’s best friend on KBS2’s Salim Nam 2 and said that he is married, but has not yet registered the marriage.

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