Shim Hyung-tak plans to marry a Japanese bride-to-be who is 18 years younger than her, “do it near Mt. Fuji” (Joseon Lover)


Actor Shim Hyung-tak revealed his plan to marry a Japanese bride-to-be 18 years younger than him.

In the TV Chosun entertainment program ‘Lovers of Joseon’, which aired on April 10, Shim Hyung-tak’s 18-year-old Japanese bride-to-be, Saya, was revealed.

The two met on set and became lovers through Shim Hyung-tak’s active courtship. The preliminary Shingu was from the famous Japanese toy company ‘Bandai’.

Saya said, “Actually, I knew her age after I first got in touch and searched on the Internet. But it’s better than I thought. So now (I’m here) and laughed.

Shim Hyung-tak said, “After meeting my wife for the first time, about a month later, I realized the 18-year age difference and thought I should quit.”

The production team looked at the house full of Doraemon dolls and asked, “Isn’t there a woman who doesn’t like toy collection?” Saya said, “I think men with hobbies are good.”

When Shim Hyung-tak joked, “I thought he liked my appearance,” Saya responded by saying, “Looks aren’t my ideal type.”

Shim Hyung-tak repeatedly asked, “Did you search the Internet because you like me?”, but he laughed when he explained, “It was my first time working alone, so I worked hard.”

Saya confided, “I don’t like handsome men. It’s a burden. I didn’t like Shim because he’s good-looking.”

Shim Hyung-tak said, “Saya recently learned Korean and said that the more she sees it, the more cool she gets. That word came to me very well.”

Then, he confessed, “We’re going to hold a ceremony in Yamanashi, Japan, where the Saya family lives. It’s where Mt. Fuji is. I think we should have a good day.”

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Meanwhile, ‘Lovers of Joseon’, which airs every Monday at 10:00 pm, is a real documentary variety show that tells the sweet and bloody love stories of lovers who are more beautiful together than alone.

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