Enthusiasm for girl group drinking and dancing… What about pubs that have taken over YouTube?

Idol comeback promotion, ‘alcohol mukbang’ while singing
‘Drinking content’ that raises star affinity with honest appearance
“There is a risk of forming the desire to drink and encouraging imitation learning among adolescents”

TWICE’s Chaeyoung and Nayeon appearing in ‘I don’t even have a set up’ / Photo=Youtube capture

YouTube drinking content, the so-called ‘bar room’, gained popularity and dominated the web entertainment industry. From a certain moment, idols and actors alike appear on drinking mukbangs to promote new songs and new works.

Recently, TWICE announced their comeback through ‘Drinking Broadcast’ on YouTube after 7 years of debut. The number of views of the video reached about 7.31 million. In the past, if idols were exposed to drinking alcohol, they were afraid that they would get rid of it, but now they are appearing in pub content to ‘more publicize’ themselves with their unadorned charm.

In the entertainment industry, where the concept of ‘mysticism’ was deeply entrenched, viewers welcomed the content of pubs that were full of humanity and showed familiarity. It is appreciated that talking and playing while drinking is natural and fresh. It became natural to watch celebrities drink alcohol without hesitation in front of the camera.

A person in his 20s, who usually enjoys pubs where idols appear on YouTube, said, “It smells like people and feels friendly to see people who thought they would be flashy while drinking alcohol and talking about their life worries.” B, who enjoys drinking alone in a bar room, said, “When I drink alone at home after work, I feel lonely, but seeing a noisy idol bar and drinking together, I feel vicariously satisfied.”

Recently, the pub channel classified at the top by the YouTube algorithm is ‘I have nothing to set up’. Lee Young-ji, a former rapper from Mnet’s rap survival ‘High School Rapper’, takes on a one-on-one conversation with a guest as the host. It is a talk show with a comfortable concept of sharing candid and honest life stories with each guest, served with their favorite drinks, under the cool and daring process of Young-ji Lee.

The channel has 1.59 million subscribers (as of September 23), and all the currently uploaded episodes have more than 900,000 views. The episode in which ITZY’s Chaeryeong appeared surpassed a whopping 12.42 million views.

On the channel, not only newcomers, but also idols who came back after a long time, even Christopher who recently finished performing in Korea, appeared on the channel. Subscriber A, who usually enjoys the channel, said, “It is good to share a human side as if Lee Young-ji, guests, and staff became drinking friends. “He said.

YouTube channels ‘I don’t have any horns’, ‘Sake Treat Fighter’, ‘Haejang’

In addition, there are ‘Sake Treat Fighter’, ‘Islive’, and ‘Haejang’ as YouTube web entertainments with alcohol as the subject matter. The season system was introduced as all three channels gathered a lot of attention and became popular. ‘Sake Treat Fighter’, in which Kim Hee-chul took on the role of MC, gained popularity with the appearance of ‘drunk city women’ in season 1, and since June this year, the lineup has been increased and season 2 has been introduced.

Even in the idol’s own content, there has been a lot of pub content that shows the ‘humanity’ of the team members. Cosmic Girls, The Boyz, Astro, and Seventeen gained popularity by communicating with their fans through pubs.

SEVENTEEN became a hot topic when its pub content, which was presented through a personal channel with over 8.4 million subscribers, achieved 4.6 million views. Seventeen fan Mr. A said, “It was nice to see all 13 members not being conscious of the camera, going to college student MT, drinking and having fun.”

There are also more and more cases where stars who reveal their daily lives through personal YouTube are having a pub with other stars on their own channels. Representative examples include ‘Alcohol King’ of the singer DinDin’s personal channel and ‘No Sang Again’ of the singer’s personal channel.

As more and more stars appear in pubs, the number of alcoholic beverages that use pub content as a marketing tool has also increased. Channels that push pubs as their main content sometimes add PPL to each episode with support for alcohol and production. In ‘Sake Treat Fighter’, it was sponsored by the clean Jeju hangover ‘Gaesugang’, and on Soyou’s personal channel ‘Road Again’, with the production support of Lotte Chilsung.

Photo = Getty Images Bank.
Photo = Getty Images Bank.

However, there are voices that are concerned about pub content that is indiscriminately consumed on YouTube outside of the media drinking guidelines. It is pointed out that the drinking scenes of stars may encourage excessive drinking.

In fact, as a result of an investigation by a government agency on the actual situation of alcohol advertisements and drinking scenes in the media based on the ‘National Health Promotion Act’, it was revealed that drinking scenes arouse the desire to drink and may even lead to actual drinking. As a result of a survey of 1,000 people on whether they wanted to drink after watching a drinking scene in the media, about 20% (23% on TV, 17.9% on YouTube) said ‘yes’.

In particular, there are criticisms that YouTube, unlike broadcasting, does not have an age limit for viewing, which can lead to youth drinking problems. Some point out that idol fans are usually in their teens, but it is pointed out that if you treat drinking in a friendly and fun way, it will encourage drinking and dancing.

Experts were concerned that adults as well as teenagers could encourage ‘learning by imitation’ just by watching the drinking scene. This is because the imitation mentality can be activated by watching the drinking of idols or actors whom teenagers admire.

Lim Myung-ho, a professor of psychology at Dankook University, said, “As competition for content in pubs is intensifying, they are being exposed to a lot of provocative and sensational appearances. Therefore, the risk of imitation among adolescents may be greater.” He added, “We need to strengthen the sanctions and legal sanctions on the YouTube platform itself for young people.”

Kim Heon-sik, a popular culture critic, also said, “Recommending drinking itself has a negative impact on personal life and health, so we should be wary of excessive entertainment of bar contents.” It is necessary to impose sanctions on high-level drinking videos or to recommend a structure that focuses on sound and meaningful content among pubs. He further emphasized, “It is necessary for pub content to flow in a direction that can deliver a meaningful message as much as possible by using alcohol as a ‘media’.”

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